Pi Coin Reveals A Milestone-Based Roadmap for Its Network Products and Programs

In a significant announcement in October 2023., the Pi Core Team has shared plans to unveil a milestone-based roadmap for its network products and programs. The roadmap is tailored to offer the Pi community, referred to as the Pioneers, a heightened level of transparency, marking a new era in the development of the Pi Network.

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Understanding the Roadmap

The roadmap is unique as it outlines the future goals and encapsulates a curated list of previous achievements. This holistic approach is a testimony to the platform’s dedication to reflecting on its journey. Notably, the roadmap will not indicate a specific timeline for the launch of the Open Mainnet. Instead, it will spotlight various pivotal milestones leading up to it. Those eager to gain more insight into the Open Mainnet are directed to the December 2021 Whitepaper.

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Diving into the Release Plan

The roadmap will be presented to the community in two distinct versions:

  • Version 1: An October ReleaseThe inaugural version is slated for a mid to late-October release. This version will be an overview of the past milestones and the ones currently in progress. It promises to serve as a window into the foundational stages of the network, giving members a comprehensive view of the progress made so far and what the immediate future holds.
  • Version 2: A December ReleaseWith an ear to the ground, the Pi Core Team will assimilate feedback from its community before presenting Version 2 in December. This rendition of the roadmap will be more future-centric, laying out upcoming milestones for each Pi product and program. Especially significant will be the insights offered into the current “Enclosed Network” phase of the Mainnet. Pioneers can anticipate a detailed understanding of the subsequent features, requisites, system enhancements, and other vital initiatives needed before transitioning to the “Open Network” phase.

What’s in it for the Pioneers?

The roadmap promises more than just an understanding of where the network is headed. It’s a testament to Pi’s commitment to its community, offering them clarity and a sense of direction. With these developments, Pioneers can remain involved, make informed decisions, and play an integral role in shaping the future of the Pi Network.

In essence, the Pi Network, with its milestone-based roadmap, seeks to reaffirm its vision while ensuring the community remains an intrinsic part of its journey. As the network evolves and grows, Pioneers can look forward to a platform that values their involvement and keeps transparency at the forefront.

The Waiting Game – Pi Network’s Growing Restlessness

The genesis of this impatience is simple to trace. From its inception, Pi Network promised a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency that would be more accessible and equitable. And while the network has undoubtedly achieved several milestones, the prolonged wait for a mainnet release — the veritable linchpin of any cryptocurrency — remains a sore point.

Despite many other updates, this lack of a concrete timeline means many users are in crypto-limbs. They’ve mined Pi and believe in its potential, but the inability to trade or transact using the coin has left them feeling stuck. As comprehensive as it might be, the roadmap lacked what many were primarily looking for: a date, a timeline, and a clear indication of when they could harness the power of the Pi they’ve amassed.

In the vast landscape of cryptocurrency, patience is indeed a virtue. But even virtues have their limits. As the anticipation for Pi Network’s mainnet stretches on, without a defined endpoint, the network might grapple with a community whose patience is wearing thin.



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