Download Market Profile Indicator

If you want to find our highly increasing trading activity area, a market profile indicator for MT4 is the way to go. It points to the zones and price points where trading activity is more. The level of the activity is the highest and it is the most suitable place for forex traders to enter the market, support, and resistance levels. 

These price levels also indicate the best indication of reversals. Hence, forex traders can easily find where the market is Bullish or Bearish and enter or exit a trade while also considering the points of reversals.

Market Profile indicator is compatible with all intraday, intraframe, daily, monthly, or weekly charts. The histogram will be updated regularly and hence display the point of control for that day. Freshly entering forex, traders will find this indicator beneficial. That is because MT4 helps to remove any manual hassle of pointing out profiles by informing you about the bullish and bearish signals. Experienced forex traders can improvise and update their trading strategies and buy and sell securities as the profile of bullish and bearish markets unfolds. This indicator is also free and easy to download and install.

Download Market Profile Indicator

Download Market Profile Indicator

market profile indicator

Setup of market profile indicator for MT4

In a EURUSD H1 chart, you will see the MT4 in real-time operation. The histogram is represented by blue color and white represents the point of control.

The MT4 indicator updates regularly in the form of a trading session or a block and uses the histogram to impart certain information based on volume, time, and price action.  This indicator should always be used in combination with other tools and never solely.

The foundation of the market profile indicator is to find the point of control. Since there is amplified trading action on this point. Forex traders can identify this by finding the highest peak on the histogram. You can consider resistance and support levels through the point of control of the previous day. If the price goes beyond the past point of control in the upward direction and the stop loss point is on the past swing low. If traders want to sell, they can do so if the price goes beyond the previous point of control in the downward direction where the stop loss is at the swing high position.

The market profile indicator is good for finding the distribution and accumulation points in the market.  This trend emerges over different stages. This also gains good momentum, goes to the top, and gradually loses momentum. The forex traders can define the most beneficial trades from this indicator since it points out the trend cycle.


The market profile indicator for MT4 is a stellar tool that helps you define the various stages in the market. It is extremely easy to implement and helps you to modify your trading strategy as per the market profile. 

In conclusion, traders can easily gain from the bearish and bullish markets while also monitoring the trend and its reversal. This indicator is free for traders and is convenient to use.



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