How to Close Trade in MT4 Mobile? – Close All trades At Once

MT4 users use mobile phones very often and trade and close their trades. In this article, we will analyze how to close the trade in MT4 mobile.

How to Close Trade in MT4 Mobile?

MT4 users can close the trade in the MT4 mobile application if they navigate to the “Trade” tab, tap on the trading order they wish to close, and select the option “Close.” After MT4 users choose close options, they must confirm the current profit or loss closure.

Please see the image with steps on how to close the trade in MT4 mobile:
 how to close trade in MT4 mobile

Please see the video instructions on how to close the trade in the MT4 mobile application:

MT4 Mobile Close all

How do we close all trades in MT4 Androids?
To close all trades in MT4 Androids, open the MT4 mobile application, navigate to the “Trade” tab, select all trades you wish to close, and select the option “Close.”

There is one more close option in the MT4 platform.

How do you close all trades at once in MT4 mobile?

If you want to close all trades simultaneously in MT4 mobile, you need to install a particular MQL script that can close all traders after one button press. However, you can not install custom indicators or scripts in MT4 mobile because Mobile apps do not allow custom installations.

You can install a custom script “Close all button” and close all trades at once only in the Desktop Mt4 platform.

Please download the Close All Trades script on our page if you need this script.


What is “close by” in MT4 Mobile?

The “Close By” operation in MT4 allows traders to close two opposite positions of the same financial instrument (close two hedged orders by canceling each other out). Only one will be left open if opposite positions have different lot values.

close by option in MT4

“Close by” rules:

  • When we close the hedge positions, the resulting volume will equal the difference between the lot values of the two positions.
  • The direction of the remaining position will be the same as that of a more significant position.
  • The trader pays the spread twice if the positions are closed separately.
  • During the “Close By” operation, the open price of the second position is used to close the first one, and the second position is closed at the open price of the first position.


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