E-mini Futures Trading Strategies

What are E-mini Futures?

The E-mini or e-minis is an electronically traded futures contract that tracks the S&P 500 stock market index. It represents a fraction of the value of a corresponding standard futures contract.

E-mini is an electronically traded financial future on a commodity at a predetermined date and price. E-mini tips are a set of rules put forward by a group of expertise on trading to help those learning to trade. E-mini session has so many opportunities with lots of risks, which can see you lose your capital if you aren’t careful. To improve your trading, here are some of the vital steps that can help you during trading.
The E-mini Futures markets are seductive in nature as a trader can find huge opportunities. But along with them come different hazards. Navigating all through an E-mini session without losing your capital seems to be a daunting task as it seems. The trading course that we will teach you comes from a long experience of a 12-year-old trader. The strategies involved in the trading systems were highly developed to derive an optimum result. So we will now teach you about our best strategies on Emini Futures.

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As mentioned in the beginning, trading Emini Futures is treacherous in nature and is a bit harder than single stocks. Further study reveals a few handfuls of strategies that work on E-mini trading. The E-mini S&P 500 represents the one-fifth value of the normal S&P futures contract. Hence there is no doubt that Emini exhibits one of a kind price patterns with indigenous volatility. Also, we know that the law of demand and supply, which governs pricing, remains the same as trading that includes foreign exchange currencies, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Want to learn about the practices of the future market? Well, we can guide you on strategies that relate to Futures Trading. Now let’s go into a detailed analysis of Emini day trading strategies.

The best Emini strategy

My the best Emini Futures Trading Strategy Monthly Breakout

My top strategy is a weekly strategy where I am trying to keep trade for several weeks. My performance is 66% in the last 2 years for a risk-reward ratio of 1 to 1.
Step 1: I research the S&P 500 E-Mini with market analysis and analyst commentary. Using several websites, I want to see a positive fundamental analysis.
Step 2: Using basic technical analysis, I draw a trend line on the chart and looking for important levels.
Step 3: I am looking for strong resistance like this at the 2944 price level. 1 whole month’s price couldn’t break the 2944 price level. When the price breaks this level, I enter into trade. I made a BUY entry at 2944 on September 4. I will try to keep trade for at least 1 week. Currently, I am still in buy level mode for this trade.
emini futures strategy breakout example
4) If I see huge fundamental news against my trade, I will close trade earlier. My goal is to keep trade for at least 1 week to 4 weeks. My target is 2-4 Daily ATR.

Top 5 E-mini Trading Strategies That We Need to know from Theory

Available at CME that is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the E-mini line-up products give the trading opportunity to choose from many products. This exchange offers a list of asset classes, including equities, energies, metals & ag commodities. As there are different viable alternatives available, it is super easier to find E-mini strategies that can work well.

To make a strategy absolutely viable, the strategy should have the capability to provide the trader the edge. You should know that an edge is always a competitive benefit or advantage, ensuring that the strategies will be most profitable in the long run. Most of the E-mini strategies that are talked about are having a measurable edge. These strategies mostly fall into five chief categories. Let’s see what these top five strategies that work are.

  • Trend Trading
  • Momentum
  • Rotational
  • Swing
  • Breakout

Now let’s get to know about these strategies and how they effectively work.

1. Emini Futures Trading Strategies based on Trend

Well, trend trading is one of the most effective emini strategies. One proved and tested strategy for trend trading is to sell or buy a Fibonacci retracement level in concert with prevailing trends. Trend trading is popular since it improves the risk to rewards and can be freely applied among the versatile market. In a strong trend, it is ideal for entering the trades on a lower time frame.

For example, consider that the E-mini copper feature or QC has broken on to the time frames. In that case, buying pullback in the price that can offer a steady trade location will help get in with the uptrend. Here’s how it can work:

Stop Loss: These orders are positioned under the fifty or seventy-eight percent Fibonacci retracement level. Entry: Buying orders from thirty-eight percent or sixty-two percent Fibonacci retracement level.The Profit target: Given the adequate time forging at 1:3 prices of a risk to reward is perfect for any trend following.


2.Emini Futures Trading Strategies based on Trading momentum


Momentum trading is a popular technique wherein the traders buy & sell according to the prevailing prices’ strength. In the financial market, momentum is determined by factors like the rate of price changes or trading volume. The momentum traders believe that an asset price going or moving in a particular direction will definitely continue to move in that particular direction until this trend loses its luster, strength.

Arely-term traders, zing based on the momentum of price action is one of the most successful and favorite approaches. Before the profits get locked in, high-frequency strategies or scalping often rely on the spike to flow to drive price.

These particular strategies are mostly executed during periods of high volatility. For example, consider that in April E-mini gold, a momentum trader anticipated a positive run following with a negative 8:30 am EST:


3.Emini Futures Trading Strategies based on Rotational Trading

A compressed or rotational market usually exhibit uneven price action and lacks a particular direction. RT or Rotational trading is a medium-term technique that takes advantage of a well-documented market. Herein a long-term price increase is often followed by a movement in the same direction.

A Rotational market could be super challenging to trade efficiently as most market structure is broken down. It should be noted that implementing the E-mini strategies which work for the rotational markets will take a lot of patience and time.
But compressed markets could also be rewarding n case it is approached according to the context of mean methodology. Consider it is a usual Monday for a June E-mini S and P 500 (ES). Now a mid-session range of forty ticks is already established from a high 2821.25 to a low 2811.25. Also, note that no economic events will be scheduled for late sessions. Now here is a strategy which trades the action:

Entry: sell within the eight ticks of high (2921.25) or buy within eight ticks of low (2911.25)—profit target: eight to ten ticks towards the point of control of the trading range. Stop Loss: You can place two ticks below the low for buy or above the daily high for a sell.

4. Emini Futures Trading Strategies based on Swing Trading

Swing trading is a category of strategy that focuses on taking small gains in the short term and cut down losses quicker. You can say it is an attempt to secure the market share by holding on to an open position for many consecutive sessions. The only thing to worry about swing trading is that it involves large margin requirements, potential liabilities—you have greater risk vs. rewards ad longer time frames to apply the other strategies to swing trading.

Finally, note that though using multi-session strategies can be highly profitable, it also involves a huge risk.

5. Emini Futures Trading Strategies based on Breakouts

BreakoActive investors use this kind of trading gains. These trades are often used with a large amount of risk versus reward ratio with anticipation that there will be a sudden movement of direction in the pricing.

Active investors use this kind of trading to take the position within the early stage of the trend. Breakouts are stock price moving outside resistance level or defined support with an increased volume. Breakouts are often followed by periods of constriction & the momentum trend followers or traders enhance them. Here is how breakout strategies look like:


How Do Trading Strategies For Emini S&P 500 works:

Unlike other futures contracts, Emini futures also works the same way, but the S&P 500 works in its own separate contract specifications. The Emini has standardized specifications that allow for easy trade of which some are mentioned below:

One Emini contract is of $50 X the S&P 500 index value. The Emini moves in 0.25 point increments, and each of those equals $12.50 in one contract. Contracts are made available in April, July, October, and January, which means, it expires quarterly. Emini S&P 500 Trading futures contracts es place between 6 pm to 5 pm on Friday. However, there is a halt from 4:15 to 4:30 pm daily.

We know the Emini is 1/5 of its standard futures contract, which implies if the S&P 500 trades at 2900, the futures contract’s overall market value will be $145,000 (2900 X $50). A large amount of money can be controlled than your initial deposits because you are on a margin while trading Emini.

Why To Trade-In Emini Futures:

Getting a full display of the US stock markets is the purpose worldwide Emini strategy mini futures benefit for swing traders as they are more preferable for day trading. Some other reasons for trading Emini Strategy are as follows:

With Emini futures trading worldwide, it helps you take the upper hand of its price swings because trading can be done 24 hours a day. Deep liquidity and tight bid help in keeping costs down. You can trade global equity from a single marketplace. You can trade-in and out cheaply because of the large volume of trade through the Emini contract.

Strategy That Involves Emini Scalping, better or not?

Emini scalping is as good as a long term investment as it eliminates the risks attached to holding positions. Scalping also helps in the capitalization of price movements regularly. The key to a successful and long term stability when trading in the Emini Strategy market is having an Emini Scalping Strategy. Use an indicator marked with small periods and use it for scalping. To be precise, use a 4-period setting in place of 14 periods setting for the Williams %R indicator. Scalping strategy does not work for anyone possessing a weak and undisciplined mindset.

Some Trading Strategies of Emini Futures You Must Use.

A suitable type of market environment can only help a trading strategy working and give you the desired results. Also, you might need the most accurate tools for the successful use of the trading strategies of Emini Futures. It would be best to get well acquainted with the different types of market changes because of the Emini market trends. There are many future trading strategies that you might come across from several Emini Strategy traders, but you will need the right tools to put those strategies inline. Based on all the factors, we came up with five Emini Strategies that might help you for successful trading:

Event-Driven StrategiesTime and Calendar StrategiesTrend Following StrategiesEmini Breakout and Emini Momentum Strategies.

Which Emini Strategy Is The Best?

Whether you are a swing trader or a day trader, the easiest way to make more money is to follow a trend. When you go inside and outside scalping Emini Strategy Futures, the chances are that you might make a loss, and that would eat up all your previous earnings. Therefore follow a trend that is moving and grabs it for some time very close. With this mindset, you will only earn more as the E-mini contract inclines to close high on trending days. If you study the Emini chart, you will find a repeating pattern from time to time. Some experts say that the Emini Future has over 75% possibility of follow-through the subsequent day if it closes in the top 10% within its range.

Emini Futures Trading Strategies Tips

These tips can apply to Emini any trading strategies that we want to work on.

1.Trade The E-mini On A Schedule

Discipline consistency is considered a path to successful trading in E–mini. There are times of the day considered to be very hazardous for trading, which can see you lose your capital due to the market’s unpredictability.

Define your session and stick to it. Limit your trade to a consistent time to avoid the period that doesn’t worth your time. E-mini markets have a period where the graphs aren’t predictable; hence avoiding such times can be worthwhile. The day is worst for trading; that’s during the lunch hour break, where most traders are out to take lunch and clear their minds. However, statistically, it has been proven that 10 a.m. Is the best hour after initial orders have been cleared that open.

2. Don’t Be A Slave To E-mini Market.

Trading on an E-mini market requires one to have a consistent strategy and a well-defined goal. During the trade, try to have two winners and a positive result, helping you quit on your terms after a successful trade. If the target hasn’t been achieved, try to be consistent until you achieve your ultimate goal. Making money is the primary goal and if it has been achieved, then quitting is an option.

3. Use A Strategy With A Edge

Trading follows the law of demand and supply; hence there are risks involved during trading. To ensure such risks from occurring and standout strong, develop, you require a perfect strategy with an edge success dack-test can work by whereby you test an eliminate failing scenarios as you discover your plan ultimately. With this at hand, you can perfectly develop a working personal plan that can help you be successful in your trading by earning more money.

You ought not to follow what others do or say instead of work on your path until you discover what works best for you as far as your goals are concerned. Some traders have short-term goals; hence following their strategy comes with huge risks.

One of the trading veterans come up with a perfect strategy that has stood with the test of time; it is called Counter-Punch Chop Indicator. This strategy makes trading E-mini futures much easier and interesting; it is worth trying due to its efficiency. You can download the strategy here, “Counterpunch Chop Indicator,” and more about it.

4. Trading E Mini Can Blow Your Account

E-mini trading futures might appear fancy and a walk in the park, but truth be told, it involves huge risk which, if not taken into consideration, may harm your account during trading. Risk management is vital to any trading; hence you need to have a perfect working plan to navigate through to achieve your goals in a trade market. We all have a different perspective as far as risks are involved, but math and probability have their law, which we have to consider.

There is a chance to have long losing streaks indicated by probability; you must manage your risks to sustain a string of losers in your account. Counter-punch Chop Indicator can perfectly work to prevent such risks in short and long term trading. You just have mastered its patterns and what it entails to reduce and prevent risks involving trading.

A 2% rule on two points works somehow perfectly. It is the average risk you put on an E-mini trade. This rule helps a trader to avoid the risks of losing his/her account that might be blown up during trading. In case the risk occurs, you will only have lost 2% of your account hence putting you in a better position to forge ahead still and learn from the risk that occurred as you prepare yourself to come back strongly. As risks occur and learning from them, you can easily develop your perfect plan to trade. We can all agree that risks must occur but achieving your goals is dependent on how you curb such risks; hence it’s paramount to been keen with such risks.

5. A trading Program Can Work Better With Instruction

For trading to be, there must be a powerful road map to execute every single step with care. For a trade to be successful, the ultimate goal must have been achieved, the risks involved must have been insured perfectly, and money has been made. To achieve all these, a trader must have perfect instructions to be followed in every step to curb risks and realize the ultimate goal.
The instructions at hand must be precise to realize the ultimate goal of trading at E-mini. Come up with instructions in a trading program to tackle risks involved with a perfect spell time of trading. As a trader familiarizes with each set of instructions, in the end, you master each step; thereafter, success will be inevitable. At first, it must seem not to be working for the beginners, but you will realize the trading gets better and better after every trade as you continue to trade.

Conclusion: How to develop Emini Futures Trading Strategies?

In a nutshell, we can say that Emini Future’s trading strategies will open up your chances to leverage the best trading environment. The market is crawling with plenty of ideas for day trading strategies with Emini Futures, but only a few come in handy. It is recommended to construct your own plan regarding trading after discovering what is working better for you. A last piece of advice for you would be to understand the significance of risk management because if you don’t hold it for consideration, all your earnings might be gone in a while. It is unwise to gamble above a 2% total of your balance into trading.

Keep your strategy as you like. Always look to have planned entry, stop loss, and target position. The plan is essential.

They say discipline success. Trading at E-mini can help you achieve a trade’s desired goal by following each of the above instructions. Most of the traders fail by not sticking to their work plan and not the following instruction, not having a trading plan in advance hence turning a positive trading session into a negative one. If a trader can have a mentor, that can help to be discipline and realize positive results. By following the above-stipulated set of rules, beliefs, and strong risk discipline, you will be ahead of many traders at the end of the day.



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