What is Investor Password in MT4 & MT5?

Most foreign exchange (Forex) brokers allow their Forex traders to use the MetaTrader 4 (abbreviated as MT4) trading platform from Metaquotes. While most of these traders are familiar with the trader’s password, which allows them to make transactions in their Forex trading account, some newer Forex traders want to find out the investor password mt4. The investor password is one of the two passwords for an MT4 Forex terminal, the other being the trading or master password. This password will give the user permission to monitor a particular trading account. However, the user cannot make any trades for the account.

What is the investor password in MT4?

An investor password in the MT4 or MT5 platform is a particular type of login credential that allows a user to view a trading account’s history, balance, and statistics without the ability to execute trades. The password can be changed directly through the MT4 platform under Tools ? Options ? Server or by resetting it via the brokerage account interface.

Here’s an explanation of the investor password in MT4 in bullet points:

  • Definition: An investor password in MT4 is a type of login credential that allows a user to access and monitor a trading account without the ability to execute trades.
  • Purpose: It is typically used for viewing purposes, such as checking trading history, account balance, and other relevant statistics.
  • Everyday Users: Fund managers often provide these passwords to their clients, enabling them to observe the account’s performance without risking unauthorized trading.
  • Functionality: The investor password grants read-only access, meaning you can see what’s happening in the account but cannot perform any trading actions.
  • Changing the Password: The account owner (trader) can change the investor password in two ways:
    1. Directly through the MT4 platform by navigating to Tools ? Options ? Server and selecting ‘Change Password.’
    2. Alternatively, the account owner can reset the password through their brokerage account interface.
  • Security Aspect: This feature enhances the security and transparency of account management, allowing clients to monitor their investments without granting complete control over the trading activities.

Why is the investor password provided?

The main reason the investor password was provided for the MT4 account was to allow the Forex traders to show their Forex trade results to investors interested in investing in Forex through these traders. The investor password allowed the investors to monitor the forex account, with the risk that the potential investors would make trades, in some cases accidentally. The Forex trader does not have to use a monitoring service to prevent unauthorized access; only a trading terminal must be authorized using the password.

Providing the investor password to potential investors is convenient and safe for the trader. Investors also prefer to use it since they can get real-time information on their tracking accounts. The investor may only face a problem in connecting if the trade server address is not correctly specified. The investor has to download the mt4 terminal from the broker of the Forex trader. Alternatively, he can specify the address of the server manually.

MT4 changed the investor password

For a particular Forex account, only the Forex trader who knows the master password for the account is permitted to change the investor password. No investor is allowed to change the investor password. There is a tools menu in the trading terminal; in this menu, the options menu must be selected. In the server section of the options menu, the account number and password are displayed along with a change button. In this, the trader should only change the investor or read-only password. The user should enter the new five-character password for investors twice and the current password for the Forex account to confirm it. If the investor password is changed, an audio signal will be heard, and the window will be closed. Some brokers allow password changes using a personal account.

Periodic password change

Experts recommend that Forex traders change their investor password periodically, especially if shared with others often. There is a real danger that hackers and other intruders will misuse the password to link the trader’s Forex account to a monitoring service. They will then falsely claim that the account belongs to them and dupe others. So, though the trader may not lose any money, their reputation may be adversely affected, making it difficult to attract investors in the future.

Example: See how you can reset the XM investor password on the MT4 platform below:

How to change MT4 password on Metatrader desktop platform

Investor Password Application

Fund managers or various trading portals offer traders the option to share their investor passwords to provide transparency and insight into their trading strategies and performance. This process works as follows:

  1. Setting Up Investor Passwords: Traders set up an investor (read-only) password in their trading platform, like MT4. This password is different from their master password, which is used for executing trades.
  2. Sharing with Interested Parties: The investor password is then shared with fund managers, potential clients, or other traders. This sharing is usually done through secure means to maintain privacy and security.
  3. Purpose of Sharing: By sharing this password, the trader lets these parties view their trading activities, such as open and closed positions, account balance, and historical trading performance. This is often used for demonstrating trading skills and strategies or for fund managers to show account performance to clients.
  4. Maintaining Security and Control: Since the investor password is read-only, those who access the account using this password cannot execute trades, change settings, or access sensitive personal information. This maintains the trader’s control over their account while providing transparency.
  5. Building Trust and Transparency: This practice is widespread in managed trading accounts or copy trading platforms where transparency in trading performance is crucial for building trust between trader and their clients or followers.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: In some cases, providing an investor password is also a part of regulatory compliance, ensuring clients can independently verify account activities.
  7. Platform-Specific Features: Some trading platforms and portals might offer additional features for investors accessing an account with an investor password, like real-time alerts or analytical tools to understand trading strategies better.


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