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Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, but the market is flooding with many alternatives these days. One of those alternatives is OXT (Orchid). This currency is rising sky high as the price rose by almost 250% against the dollar in the existing year. Since the trend for trading is gaining more audience every day, it is said to keep rising in the future too.

Crypto is the future, or such is the forethought. So let’s look at the upcoming changes and find out if you should diversify your portfolio by adding it.

OXT price chart

OXT Price Prediction

OXT Price Prediction shows a high probability that the price of Orchid rises to $0.6 in 2021 and to reach $2 in the next two years. OXT price projection is made based on Bitcoin’s correlation rising potential and past performance. However, OXT price depends on the whole crypto market, and there are not enough historical OXT data.

OXT Price forecast based on online price prediction portals

As per the predictions of CoinCodex, the definite value of OXT is not traceable, and the opinion of OXT price is still neutral. This is because 16 technical evaluation signals show bullish signals while the other 6 show bearish indicators. On 6th April, the cryptocurrency was moving slower than the 3, and 5-day Exponential Moving Average. However, it traded above  Simple Moving Averages from 5 days out to 200 days. There is a strong force at the $0.92 and $1, at the $1.20-1.25 price level.

Is there a possibility for the price to rise to $2 by the year 2025?

The predictions for Orchid indicate that the prices might rise to $0.6 in the year 2021, then keep moving upward till an average value of $1.43 in the year 2023, $2.34 by the year 2025, and finally rise to $3.58 in 2028.

Wallet Investor, a forecaster service, predicts that the price of Orchid reached an average of $0.86 during May of May. By the last month of 2021, it will rise to $1.01. By the finishing months of  2021, it will reach $1.01. In 2022, it will be $1.26 and 1.97 in December 2025.

CoinArbitrageBot predicts that Orchid will remain on a bearish streak for a short time. They expect the price to fall to an average of $0.58 during 2021 and the price of 0.69 in the span of 1 year. In 2022, it will rise to $1.11 in 2022, $1.79 by 2023, and at last reach $2.90 in 2024.

Meaning of Orchid OXT crypto

Founded by Jay Freeman, Steven Waterhouse, Gustav Simonsson, Stephen Bell, and Brian J. Fox in 2017, Orchid means to develop the protocol. Orchid is a technology-forward cryptocurrency that introduces the same in the internet space. It is a VPN (Virtual Protocol Network) that is based on the model of peer-to-peer service. The goal is to provide the public with a decentralized group of renderers with excellent bandwidth. Furthermore, a decentralized structure helps maintain the confidentiality of each user by securing their details.

(Orchid) OXT is the crypto token for Orchid, utilized within the sphere of online crypto. It is based on the model of pay-per-use.

To acquire this service, you need to download the Orchid application. The application is synonymous with various VPN clients. Orchids follow the protocol of WebRTC. This protocol is the standard to impart visuals and audio data to the browsers. If you’re a bandwidth user, you need to store OXT in the crypto wallet that is an integrated part of Web3 to utilize the service. This Web3 is a new protection protocol that allows users to handle their information from getting misused.

Users only need to pay for the bandwidth’s value to control the cost and use services at a low-key pace. To further enhance the experience, people can also alternate between various providers over the internet. Orchid uses a quirky payment pattern known as, the “Probabilistic Nanopayment System.”

This system entails that the fees will be disseminated across multiple platforms. While many other cryptocurrencies work on the principle of being mined, OXT tokens cannot be mined. Instead, the trading is done through bandwidth providers, where they transfer the token to the excess bandwidth and play the part of network nodes to get rewards. To fully prove this deal, an Ethereum Smart contract is used.

Ethereum blockchain is what leads to the trading of Orchid. This is, however, taking a disparaging turn as the fee for transferring Ethereum is on the rise and is turning away many potential users from the Orchid network. However, there is no need to fret as Orchid made it clear on 25th March. It will be converted into a multi-chain network. This means that users can also use networks that work with  Ethereum Virtual Machine, also known as EVM, reducing extra charges. In addition, the users are allowed to also purchase and buy bandwidth from xDAI and virtual assets from EVM-accordant blockchains.

Pros of Orchid network

Decentralization: The network is not in control of anyone. There is the liberty to trade as there is no central authority that dominates the platform. The networks are all free of barring protocols.
Open Source: This allows people to share ideas, debugging, auditing, community, and the contributors.
Peer-to-Peer: Peer to peer model eliminates any middlemen from the transaction. This harbors a low-cost marketplace for connectivity and bandwidth.

The authorities at Orchid Labs stated that “Affordability and flexibility will both be key for digital privacy in the years ahead. The VPN market is growing rapidly across the globe, particularly in developing countries, and people must have access to a service that meets their needs where they are, on their terms.”

They further mentioned that “To protect privacy, the Orchid Network brings technical innovation to provide strong privacy, ample bandwidth, and flexibility, and also has low costs of any open-source VPN provider.”

Record high prices of OXT

The Orchid has attracted the attention of various investors. As per some predictions services, Orchid stands in the 174th position and holds $289.89 Million as the capital share in the market. The stipulated supply includes 1 billion crypto coins on the market. Currently, the public is allowed to trade in 367.58. On 6th April 2021, 508.96 Million coins were introduced out of the 1 billion produced. The remaining coins are under the holding of Orchid and are released in batches by them on a schedule.

This cryptocurrency was available to trade in public by December month of 2019. The value started to trade at $0.30, but due to popularity, it rose to reach $0.43, then it took a fall in the first 3 months of 2020 and fell to $0.13 in April 2020. In August 2020, the price again rose from $0.18 and then further increased to $0.53.This spike was due to the news of OXT adding more crypto exchange platforms and additional support for the WireGuard VPN protocol.

Steven Waterhouse, the CEO, says that the incorporation will bring an ear of diversified internet privacy by providing more control over various bandwidth providers.

Around November-December 2020, the price of Orchid went down to $0.20 again. Then in January, it was again on the rise and climbed up to 0.23 by the time December was through. Finally, on April 5, it was standing at a high price that stood at $1.02.


Is Orchid crypto a good investment

Orchid crypto is a moderately good decision for investment because of the highly competitive market in crypto market. However, if the bitcoin price rises in future years, the crypto market can go in that direction.

Orchid investment opportunities depend on various factors, including your expectations, risk-bearing power, and desire to diversify the portfolio.

If you have set your mind to trade in OXT, you can do it through OTX CFDs (Contract For Differences). This helps in forecasting OST’s estimated price compared to the $ the need to own the tokens. You should incline towards buying if you speculate the price will rise, while a short position or selling will help you gain some profit even if the prices fall.

Contract For Difference allows individuals to gain more earnings from alternatives like cryptocurrencies. However, always open your mind, and be cautious that there is significant risk involved in trading crypto as the prices are volatile.

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