Wink Crypto Coin – Wink Token Price Prediction

All You Need To Know About the Wink Cryptocurrency

After maintaining a nearly flat curve for eight months, the Wink cryptocurrency’s price shot up by more than 400 percent in April to finally reach 0.003 dollars per coin. The shoot in the price was Winks’s decision to allow its users to stake their assets and place bets in multiple blockchains charging a lower fee than other networks such as Ethereum (ETH). 

However, following this peak, there was also a fall in the price by almost 60% owing to the gas prices of Ethereum as well as the long outrage seen on the firm’s website. The significant rise and fall in the prices make the cryptocurrency traders wonder whether this security could have further spikes making it a worthy investment. Read with us to learn our predictions about the Wink coin to decide the amount you wish to invest in it. 

Wink Cryptocurrency

Known as TRONBet, Wink coin is a gaming platform based on blockchains built on the TRON network. The highlight of the Wink cryptocurrency contributing to its growing demand is its native coin WIN which allows the users to place bids and transact within the platform. Besides this, there is increased transparency while using Wink since the intelligent contracts responsible for powering the games can be seen by the viewers that enhancing the platform’s credibility. 

Further, the company also claims that staking any coins convertible coins through the TRON blockchain will give back considerable profits to the stakeholders having annual percentage yields of two to three digits. Another reason for the rising price of the Wink cryptocurrency is the higher rate compared to the market average. Some of the commonly offered games by Wink include Moon, Duel, Dice, and Ring. There are also other casino options like table games and slot machines like poker and blackjack. 

As far as the distribution of the token is concerned, the platform was initiated via a Binance Launchpad sale, coming up to 5% of the token’s supply. Besides, a development allocation of 7% was made to the supply, 12% was allocated to the initial community, and 15.25% was allocated to strategic and gaming partnerships. Followed by this, 15% tokens were allocated at the seed sale, 10% were given to the development team, and the rest, 27%, were distributed to the ecosystem. Finally, all these tokens are utilized together by people for playing Wink. 

With about 4000 daily active users and gaming licenses in Costa Rica and Curacao, the token’s daily volume reached an estimated 10 million dollars. The development team raised 1 million dollars for launching the project, while the circulating supply at the beginning was approximately 21%. 

Lucia Wong, the head of the Wink project, has successfully formulated a community of about 7300 members in the Telegram group and almost 9100 followers on Twitter. 

Wink Coin Price Prediction  in 2021, 2025, and 2030

The price of Wink cryptocurrency has had a bearish pattern lately, with the coin witnessing lower highs followed by bouncing off the 0.0007dollar level to create a near-term uptrend broken earlier in the past few days. Unfortunately, the coin once shifted from its all-time high, hasn’t made a comeback of the same extent reinforcing the bearish outlook of the coin. One of the primary reasons behind the setback was the website outrage, with numerous WIN coin users stating that they cannot use their accounts to place bets. Even though the website has started functioning smoothly as of 5 May 2021, the company hasn’t disclosed the reasons behind the glitch in the website. This worries the WIN users about the security of their assets, fearing that there might have been a cyberattack. Therefore, the short-term wink token price prediction continues to be bearish since many users liquidated their assets while the website was not functioning. Besides this, another point of concern is that the coins already staked on the platform might be lost, leading to another sell-off.  

There are primarily three support areas that need to be focused on the WIN crypto price prediction

  1. 0.0012 dollar
  2. 0.0009 dollar
  3. 0.0007 dollar 

If the WIN coin Tron price falls below these points, it must go down to its all-time low of 0.0004 dollars like in the pre-April quotation. This is an indication that you should not continue holding the bags as you might face losses. However, in the present moment, the wink coin price prediction looks like a good sell creating the possibility of short selling. 

What Is the WIN Coin Price Prediction?

Win coin being a volatile token, has unstable future predictions. However, the market cap of 1 billion dollars indicates the trader’s interest in the win blockchain-based gaming project. But with the lingering uncertainty about the websites’ functioning, we cannot overlook the case of the whole project collapsing, causing the coin value to drop down to 0. The confusion about the WIN coin value can be seen equally in the user’s response. MarketBeat’s community statistics show 280 people rating the coin as outperforming while 288 ratings it as underperforming. 

We are left to wonder whether WIN coin price can take a considerable leap to reach 1 dollar in the year 2021. Different investing groups have made other WIN token price predictions. Walletinvestor has predicted Wink as a favorable long-term investment with a possibility of hitting 0.0027 dollars in the next 12 months, followed by the rate of 0.0084 dollars in five years. Cryptoground has predicted WIN to reach 0.0022 dollars in one year and rise to a sparing high of 0.0048 in five years. Lastly, DigitalCoin firmly believes that the wink coin would be valued at 0.0021 dollars in 12 months, 0.0025 dollars till 2023, 0.0037 dollars till 2025, and finally 0.0055 dollars in 2028. 

Therefore, you must be careful while using the WIN token and keep a close check on wink WIN price prediction and WIN coin news to play safely at all times and sell your securities timely to avoid losses. However, as the majority has it, there is an optimistic WIN token prediction that can be highly profitable in the future. The only misleading factor is the functioning of the website, which has collapsed in the past, causing worry to the users. 

Besides WIN securities, you can also invest in Bitcoin (BTC)  or Ethereum (ETH), which are more promising than WIN coins. You must keep cash away from the cryptocurrency market unless you have a surplus and don’t mind trading it. Since the market is highly volatile and unpredictable, you must know the procedure, the highs, lows, and safety measures before entering the game. 


Is it worth investing in Wink? 

Investing in Wink is not worth it right now because there are better opportunities in the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets that do not hold a predetermined future. Therefore, one must be careful while investing in them. Further, there is an added fear in Wink investments owing to website glitches. However, many reliable investor companies such as Cryptoground, Walletinvestor, and DigitalCoin have predicted a bright future for security, making it a considerable investment. 

Will Wink prices soar in the coming years? 

Though most investor companies and user base have high hopes for the WIN coin, making it sound like a profitable investment, technical issues make people think twice before investing. There is no specific prediction, but the chances of a sore appear to be agreeable. 

What is the total number of Wink coins? 

There is no higher limit imposed on the WIN coins, as stated by CoinMarketCap. About 313.61 billion coins are in circulation, with an estimate of 994.86 million coins issued. 

Where can I buy win coins?

You can buy win coins at Coinbase, Coinmerce, Binance. You can trade via Contracts for Difference (CFD) to get a fair idea of trading WIN coin or any other security; you can change via Contracts for Difference (CFD). These financial instruments aid in guiding you on the short-term and long-term positions you can take based on the wink price prediction

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