Is ETC a Good Investment? – Ethereum Price Prediction 2040

The Ethereum – US Dollar (ETHUSD) cryptocurrency world’s pair is one of the most actively traded pairs after Bitcoin. The ETHUSD pair has seen its share of volatility price movements, but lately, it has been on an upward trend.

Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2015 and is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It is a decentralized platform that supports smart contracts and allows developers to build apps (decentralized applications). Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), is used to fuel transactions on the network and pay transaction fees.

The ETHUSD pair comprises two leading digital currencies: Ether and the US Dollar. The USD serves as a “safe-haven” asset for traders because its value remains relatively stable against other digital currencies. On the other hand, Ether is much more volatile than other digital currencies, making it attractive for traders looking to capitalize on quick price movements.

Due to its large market capitalization and liquidity, trading activity in the ETHUSD pair tends to be very high. As a result, prices tend to be well-balanced during periods of little volatility. However, when volatility increases, prices can swing drastically depending on news from governments or major corporations that have blockchain initiatives underway or are considering them.



In recent weeks, we’ve seen strong bearish momentum in the ETHUSD, primarily because of declining demand for cryptos and strong US dollar currency. This trend is likely attributed to rising inflation fears among investors due to central bank money printing programs worldwide and increasing geopolitical uncertainty regarding trade wars and global security issues.

On top of this macroeconomic backdrop, Ethereum has recently released its new blockchain upgrade called Ethereum 2.0 or Eth2, which promises improved scalability and faster transaction times than its predecessor while using significantly less energy consumption than Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm. This could potentially open up new use cases for Ethereum beyond just being a cryptocurrency payment system, such as enterprise-level data storage solutions and cloud computing applications which would make it even more attractive for institutional investors looking for long-term investments with higher returns potentials than traditional assets classes like stocks and bonds offer currently provide.

All in all, bearish sentiment surrounding Ethereum combined with growing institutional interest should continue supporting higher prices over time in the ETHUSD cryptocurrency pair. However, there will no doubt be periods of intense volatility along the way as major news events are released or government regulations change, suddenly affecting investor sentiment across different markets worldwide before finding equilibrium again at some point later down the line.



Ethereum chart


Is ETC a Good Investment?

ETC can be a good investment if you want to invest in the crypto market. The reason is that ETC represents the cryptocurrency number 2 in the market that supports BTC. Therefore, if your projections are the bullish trends in the whole crypto market, then there is a high probability that ETC will follow the rising trend too.  However, every investment is risky, so be careful.

In my personal opinion, I avoid investing in the crypto market because there is no instrict value; ETC price is 100% correlated with speculating. We can not calculate the present value of all expected future cash flows as we can for equities. We also know that no country uses this currency to pay salaries, import, or export like ordinary currency pairs.


Ethereum price prediction 2040

Ethereum price prediction for 2040 shows a bullish outlook based on a recent year’s uptrend, and we can see prices around $280. BTC and ETC price correlation creates price projection. If the Bitcoin price breaks $100 000 and continues the trend in future years ETC price will rise. ETC is designed to support BTC; it has a higher speed and much faster transaction payment speed.

The presented projected price of $280 is made by genetic algorithm symbolic regression where we took the past decade and solid bullish price in the first years. However, the cost of ETC is related to the whole crypto market, so the future is highly uncertain.

ETC prediction 2040

Please see ETC price prediction Table:

DateETC close
Aug 01, 20161.18
Sep 01, 20161.26
Oct 01, 20160.9
Nov 01, 20160.75
Dec 01, 20161.41
Jan 01, 20171.36
Feb 01, 20171.24
Mar 01, 20172.83
Apr 01, 20176.52
May 01, 201717.68
Jun 01, 201718.92
Jul 01, 201714
Aug 01, 201716.38
Sep 01, 201712.98
Oct 01, 201710.62
Nov 01, 201728.19
Dec 01, 201728
Jan 01, 201828.76
Feb 01, 201833.69
Mar 01, 201814.37
Apr 01, 201821.68
May 01, 201815.31
Jun 01, 201816.1
Jul 01, 201816.24
Aug 01, 201812.79
Sep 01, 201811.33
Oct 01, 20188.98
Nov 01, 20184.6
Dec 01, 20185.05
Jan 01, 20193.95
Feb 01, 20194.28
Mar 01, 20194.82
Apr 01, 20195.9
May 01, 20198.66
Jun 01, 20197.73
Jul 01, 20196.06
Aug 01, 20196.29
Sep 01, 20194.71
Oct 01, 20194.84
Nov 01, 20193.96
Dec 01, 20194.5
Jan 01, 202011.3
Feb 01, 20207.41
Mar 01, 20204.95
Apr 01, 20206.47
May 01, 20206.93
Jun 01, 20205.73
Jul 01, 20207.41
Aug 01, 20206.61
Sep 01, 20205.4
Oct 01, 20205.27
Nov 01, 20206.72
Dec 01, 20205.68
Jan 01, 20217.41
Feb 01, 202110.31
Mar 01, 202114.08
Apr 01, 202136.37
May 01, 202170.22
Jun 01, 202157.63
Jul 01, 202151.42
Aug 01, 202163.93
Sep 01, 202146.98
Oct 01, 202154.33
Nov 01, 202148.38
Dec 01, 202134.12
Jan 01, 202225.71
Feb 01, 202230.12
Mar 01, 202247.28
Apr 01, 202225.92
May 01, 202223.76
Jun 01, 202214.92
Jul 01, 202236.45
Aug 01, 202232.42
Sep 01, 202227.73
Oct 01, 202224.28
Nov 01, 202220.29
Dec 01, 202215.16
Dec 20, 202215.9
Dec 20,203293.2
Dec 20.2042105.6
Dec 20.2052190
Dec 20. 2062280.4

Will Ethereum go up?

Yes, Ethereum can go up in the following months and years as the second most crucial crypto in the market. However, ETC’s price is correlated with BTC’s cost and the whole crypto market.

Where will Ethereum Classic stand between 2025-2030?

By 2025, the prices may either retreat or rise according to the sentiment of different forecasting services. According to WalletInvestor, ETC will increase to $160 by December 2025. However, DigitalCoin says that it will trend at $253.

Ethereum Blockchain History

Ethereum blockchain was introduced to the world in 2015 by co-founders Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin through the support of Charles Hoskinson and Anthony Di Iorio. Ethereum Classic was formed through a hard fork in Ethereum Blockchain in July 2016. However, there was a backlash from the participants for the hacking decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) incident that led to the pilferage of 3.6 million coins of Ether.

Ethereum Classic is an extension of the real version, as it did not retrogress the hack’s impact on the blockchain. Participants stood by the statement, “Code is the law.” So, it led to the conclusion that the existing Ethereum Blockchain resulted from the split. Exchanges and miners brace both blockchains enabling the Ethereum Classic network to carry on with ETC as a native coin.

These blockchains have taken different paths as the Ethereum blockchain is on its way to creating Ethereum 2.0. It is also on the way to shifting from the protocol of the POS to the POW algorithm that is also in use by Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the Ethereum classic is not looking at any such shift right now. The central team for the changes and developments of Ethereum classic does not exist, but many groups are in the works to make more updates in the open-source.

Recurring hacking incidents have adversely affected the ecosystem, coercing revelations in the blockchain infrastructure R&D and engineering company IOHK, founded by Charles Hoskinson, to create the Mantis project to release new updates and virtual updates to support the community.

Ethereum Classic can host decentralized applications. As ETC prices increase, the miners also get more rewards. This brings in more enthusiastic miners to participate in the network.

When the Ethereum blockchain reduced its activities, it was now an open door for hackers. In Jan 2019, a 51% hack led to double spending of $1 Million on the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange. This happens when a single entity owns all 51% of the network. As a result, Coinbase and many other exchanges put the ETC transactions on hold, leading to a price fall.

How to purchase Ethereum Classic?

To buy, purchase the Ethereum Classic on exchanges like Kraken or Binance. There is also an alternative to buying it through a Contract Of Differences.

CFDs help in maximizing gains of volatile financial assets. However, never forget the aspect of risk that comes along with cryptocurrencies.

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