Does Biden Want to Raise Taxes? – Bidens Tax Increase

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States preceding Donald Trump in January 2021. Ever since President Joe Biden has taken up the responsibility of presidentship, there has been a series of anticipated transitions mainly focused on the overall economic welfare of the United States of America. Joe Biden has electioneered for an economic boost through fiscal platforms to develop the middle class. The rest of the financial guidelines include an upsurge in healthcare standards, increased taxes, particularly for the upper class, and investment programs and campaigns for green energy infrastructure trillions. In addition, Biden and other economic and political challenges have to deal with the prevalent pandemic economically. The sudden surge in the pandemic has deteriorated and unfavorably obstructed the economic lookout of the country that needs to be undertaken under the new administration. Overall, he has also framed policies to restore education, health, immigration, housing, trade, infrastructure, and the country’s tax department.

Does Biden Want to Raise Taxes?

Yes, Biden wants to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations where the top income tax rate will increase the present law’s 37% rate to 39.6%. However, from the new tax proposal, the biggest benefit will have low-income and middle-income families because there will be no tax increase under $400k.

Bidens capital gains tax

Biden proposed tax plan will set a top federal tax rate of 39.6% on long-term capital gains and qualified dividends. Proposed capital gains tax changes plan by Joe Biden will increase taxes for citizens and residents earning more than $400,000 per year. Biden’s principal tax propositions also include the rise in corporation’s tax rate from 21% to 28%. The new administration is anticipated to administer specific policies that directly affect individuals with income above $400,000. This includes individual income, capital gains, and payroll taxes. Under this plan, the tax revenue is also subjected to increase by $3.3 trillion over the next ten years on a conventional basis. This plan is expected to collect about $2.8 trillion for the next phase. The Biden tax strategy will directly reduce GDP by 1.62% for a long duration under the tax foundations general equilibrium model. By 2030, Biden‘s tax plan would result in about 7.7% less post-tax income for the upper class or 1% of the taxpayers and experience of 1.9% deduction in post-tax annual salary for the entire taxpayers.

Under the Build Back Better program by Joe Biden, certain propositions have been rolled out, and recommendations for enactment have been considered. However, all the changes under the strategy except the American Rescue Plan would need to be passed and administered by Congress to become an effective law.

Biden three-part program

recovering the country from the fiascos of the pandemic and restoring the health system is Biden’s priority under the rolled-out economic plan. On March 11, 2021, Biden garnered popular opinion by signing and unveiling the American Rescue plan in 2021 into American law. This plan will act as the building block of the country’s backbone and will restore what has been lost in this nation.

The American Rescue Plan

This plan was formally announced on January 14, 2021, due to the COVID-19 stimulus plan allocating $1.9 trillion to the restoration process. On March 11, the formal announcement was legally implemented. Congress passed the legislation to guarantee $1400 checks, employment opportunities, vaccine rollout plan, and much more. The main features of the American Rescue Plan involve funding the proactive response of the pandemic, providing social safety standards for residents and citizens who have hit their lowest. Assistance programs by the local and federal governments are stimulated to achieve the goal. Biden is anticipated to open educational institutes in the first hundred days of office administration and the rollout plan of a hundred million vaccine doses.

A separate and distinct economic restoration plan is also expected to be publicly announced, including investment programs for infrastructure, manufacturing schedules, and investments relating to the COVID-19 recovery programs. Since the pandemic has surged the unemployment rate, this economic program is expected to formulate many well-paying jobs. The main game of this strategy is to build the country back into its original shape and reinforce the economic structure. The American Rescue Plan has not mentioned tax increases; therefore, the federal government is expected to pay for this plan with debts.

The American Jobs Plan

This plan has not been executed but is only projected by Biden on March 31, 2021. This plan aims to increase income taxes on corporate profits. The accumulated taxes will be then utilized in the investment process regarding the infrastructure restoration costing about $2.3 trillion.


The American families plan

This is also a proposed plan by the Biden administration and has an estimated cost of $1.8 trillion. This program also expects to raise taxes for wealthy Americans, particularly those earning a handsome amount of annual salary. The education sector will then utilize the taxes collected by the rich Americans. On average, American children will be able to get four extra years of free education and two more years of free pre-kindergarten for preschoolers. This plan would also include additional years of community college, colleges, and universities for minority groups. Under this program, the surplus tax would also be applied to the paid family and medical leave, women programs, childcare and health service, nutrition programs, and the enhancement of ACA Subsidies.

The Biden administration is also enthusiastic about minimizing the years of underfunding the internal revenue service. This has significantly underestimated the auditing and enforcement efforts of the personnel and has cost disadvantages to the government in terms of substantial tax revenue. This proposal would substantially increase the IRS funding to promise tax enforcement in law compliance by establishments, corporations, and high-paid residents. The spike in auditing will ensure that the IRS is recovering millions of dollars as tax value currently unpaid due to under-enforcement due to insufficient funding to the IRS.

The new administration has been aiming to increase the income tax rate from 37% to 39.6%, as observed in the Trump era. The corporations would experience an increase from 21% to 28%. There will be an application of 15% minimum tax for the corporate income. The foreign income of American corporations would be subjected to 21% tax. Moreover, the individual rate of income tax would be increased to 39.6%. American citizens and residents with more than 1 million income would be expected and subjected to an increase of tax by 43.4% on capital gains. An increase in the completely refundable child tax credit would be reform. Previously it was $2000 per child, and under this program, it will be $3600 for children under age 6.

What is Biden’s death tax?

Based on Biden’s death tax, unrealized gains would be taxed as if they had been sold at death or when transferred. The first $1 million of unrealized gains would be exempt from the new tax. Taxes on assets transferred to a spouse would be deferred until the surviving spouse dies or sells the inherited assets. Tangible personal property would be exempt.

When will new tax changes take effect?

Currently, the new tax changes date is unknown because we are waiting to see will congress increase the Top capital gains tax rate retroactively.



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