Is ICP Worth Investing In? – ICP Price Today


Is ICP Worth Investing In?

As an only a year-old cryptocurrency, it is difficult to analyze the future of ICP, partially depending upon its price history, which looks quite disappointing. ICP Coin is not a good investment, in my opinion,  because any coin does not have instrict value and does not offer valuable products or services.

Cryptocurrency started showing results after a few years in the market. ICP looks like a promising investment if we look at its fundamental value and what it has to offer. However, looking at how it performed in its one year in the market, the investment does not look promising. 

Therefore, we suggest giving ICP some time and constantly following its price movements in the market. Also, ensure you perform your analysis before making any investment decision. 

ICP Price Today – ICP Crypto Chart

Why is Internet Computer Coin Falling?

ICP has been in a bearish market since it was launched in May 2021. A significant reason behind the fall was the crypto-dumping allegations against DFINITY, the founders of ICP.

The company dumping ICP tokens worth billions of dollars has put the early investors in a tight situation where they can exit their positions. This has created a sense of investment suspicion and reduced demand for the coin. Hence, it resulted in the fall of the token price. 

ICP has experienced a little momentum now and then since it was launched. But, the overall outlook is bearish. Some predict that the token will rise again in the future due to the prospect of the project. However, we don’t know when or if it will happen. 

Is ICP Crypto Dead?

No, ICP crypto is not dead. It may have fallen in value, but the fundamental importance of the blockchain, which it was created for, keeps it alive.

ICP or Internet Computer project has a promising future because of what it offers. It brings a blockchain-powered network that helps smart contracts run in a limitless environment. This environment provides web speed and scaling to the smart contracts while at the same time diminishing the computing cost. 

Looking at its promising aspect, there are chances that ICP will rise again, stating that it has been in the market for only a year. 

Does ICP Coin Have a Future?

The Internet Computer blockchain offers what many blockchains cannot: speed and scalability for running smart contracts with reduced cost. This aspect could possibly bring demand for ICP in the future.

ICP has taken a considerable dip from where it started one year ago. This has aroused doubts amongst investors about whether cryptocurrency has any future. It would be unfair to conclude as this crypto is relatively new in the market. The project it powers can generate promising results and demand in the future. It would be safe to say that we should keep an eye on ICP for some time before concluding if it has a future or not. 

Can ICP Coin Reach $1000?

ICP may reach $1000, but it will not happen anytime sooner.

The blockchain can bring convenience to how smart contracts are run. If the platform can generate the demand, which can later help it get investment and eventually increase its market capitalization, ICP will start gaining momentum. However, looking at its current price and market capitalization, it will take longer to reach such a high price level, maybe five to ten years. 

Will ICP Bounce Back?

Forecasting websites and algorithm-based wallet investors present mixed outlooks. Some say that this is as far as ICP can go. On the contrary, others say that ICP will rise to $20-$25 in the next two years.

It is essential to know that everyone performs technical analysis differently and with different motives. These predictions are just assumptions and are not bound to happen definitely. With a highly volatile market like that of cryptocurrencies, these predictions can take a u-turn anytime. 

What is the Current Price of ICP?


Can I Buy ICP on Coinbase?

Yes, you can buy ICP on Coinbase. 

ICP was added to Coinbase in May 2021; the same month, ICP was launched. Coinbase is a vast platform for trading and holding cryptocurrencies. It is a secure platform and is popular amongst cryptocurrency traders and investors. 

What is ICP Crypto Used For?

ICP is the utility token that powers the Internet Computer Blockchain network. 

The Internet Computer blockchain network aims at providing a decentralized internet, which is otherwise because of the centralized server hosts. It can be used towards paying the transaction fees on the ICP network or as a reward for the network participants. ICP is also used as governance, where ICP holders vote for its future.

Can You Stake ICP?

Yes, you can stake the ICP tokens in the Network Nervous System. 

Network Nervous System is a governing body of the Internet Computer. Staking the ICP will help you earn voting rewards, through which participants can vote on different proposals like configuring or updating the network.

Who is Behind ICP Coin?

Dominic Williams was the founder of ICP, who founded the network in October 2016.

DFINITY, an NPO focused on scientific research, was the organization behind the discovery. Dominic Williams (founder and chief scientist) and his team, all experts in distributed systems and programming, came up with this project. 

Is ICP Coin Proof of Stake?

No, ICP is neither Proof-of-Stake nor Proof-of-Work. The subnets hosted by the nodes on the network work on the chain key technology responsible for finalizing and quickly altering the smart contracts. 

The ICP network does not work like other blockchains, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The nodes on the ICP network require standardized technical specifications that every computer cannot run. These nodes host subnets, which are a blockchain with a particular structure. The structure is such that it can be incorporated with other blockchains. This is quite different from a traditional blockchain.

Who Owns ICP Coin?

ICP is owned by DFINITY, which is a scientific research NPO. 

What Problem Does ICP Crypto Solve?

ICP brings a broader scope to the functionality of the internet and converts it into a global computing platform. 

The project aims at bringing the highly required speed to the blockchain by limiting the use of giant tech protocols like AWS. It does so by providing installation of codes directly on the public internet for creating IT systems for enterprises or websites. With ICP, developers do not have to rely on servers or cloud computing services. 

Is Internet Computer a Blockchain?

Yes, the Internet Computer is a general-purpose blockchain. It is one of the most scalable and fast blockchains.

What Blockchain is ICP on?

ICP is hosted by its blockchain, which is the Internet Computer Blockchain.

The ICP blockchain is quite different from other blockchains, that of Bitcoin. Its independent data centers host nodes at the base of the network. These nodes host subnets that run on the critical chain technology, unlike proof-of-stake or proof-of-work used by traditional blockchains. 

Can I Buy ICP on Binance?

Yes, you can buy ICP on Binance.

Binance announced in May 2021 that it would list ICP on its platform once the liquidity conditions were met. Later, it was added to the forum and is currently traded in exchange for USDT, BUSD, BTC, TRY, BNB, ETH, and EUR. 

How Do I Get My ICP Token?

There are two ways in which people can get ICP tokens. They can buy the tokens through the exchanges where ICP is listed. They can participate in Internet Computer governance and get ICP as a reward. 

The straightforward way to get any cryptocurrency is to buy it directly through the cryptocurrency exchanges, where they are listed. Such is the case with ICP; it is listed on many exchanges, like Binance, Coinbase,,, Kraken, Nominex, WazirX, and more. 

The Internet Computer network rewards its users with ICP tokens, who participate in the governance to vote for proposals for updates and configurations. This is another way of getting ICP tokens. 

What Wallet Holds ICP?

ICP holders have multiple options of wallets to store their tokens in. These can be stored in software wallets (internet) or hardware wallets.

ICP provides the privilege to its users to choose the type of wallet they wish to store their ICP holdings in. There are a variety of cold (hardware) and hot (internet) wallets where ICP tokens can be stored.

The recommended wallets that are secure and compatible with ICP transactions and storage are — Stoic Wallet, Network Nervous System (also for staking), Plug Wallet, and Earth Wallet.

What is Dissolve Delay ICP?

The dissolve delay is a neuron setting that defines the minimum waiting time before one can unlock the locked ICP tokens. 

Users must use the command “Start Dissolving” to decrease their dissolution delay over time.

How Long Do ICP Transactions Take?

ICP transactions take one to two seconds to finalize a transaction. 

Speed is the primary objective of the Internet Computer blockchain. While other blockchains take a minute or more to finalize a transaction, if there is no congestion in the network, ICP takes only one or two seconds to do so. 

Where Can I Buy ICP in the US?

Many cryptocurrency exchanges are available in the US from where people can buy ICP. The popular one amongst all the public exchanges is Coinbase. 

Can I Buy ICP on Crypto Com?

Yes, ICP coins are listed on This means you can buy, sell, and store ICP tokens on is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange with over 50 million users around the globe. It has over 200 coins on its platform, and the ICP is one of those coins. It was added to the platform in May 2021 and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like USDT and BTC. 

How Do I Send ICP to Ledger?

You can manage your ICP tokens on your Ledger by downloading the Internet Computer app. 

Internet Computer App is a product of the DFINITY foundation, a scientific research NPO. It has its hot wallet, NNS (Network Nervous System) dApp, which helps the users manage their ICP holdings. Since ICP cannot be managed live on the Ledger, users can download the Internet Computer App to manage their ICP. 

How Do I Transfer ICP to Safepal?

Safepal wallet does not support ICP tokens. Therefore, you cannot transfer your ICP holdings to your Safepal wallet. 

Will ICP Price Go Up?

As ICP has been in the market for only a year, it is difficult to say how it will progress in the upcoming days, will it go up or further down. 

There is a mixed outlook amongst investors regarding the future of ICP. Due to its past price movement, many believe this is as far as ICP will go. However, the Internet Computer blockchain’s real prospect is making people think it may go up in the future.

However, ICP has been in the market for only a year. It is advisable to check the movement of this crypto for a few more months to see how progressive it can get or not. Predictions made by other investors and forecasting websites cannot be entirely believed to be accurate. 

Is ICP A Good Long-Term Investment?

According to the predictions of some forecasting sites, which are predicting a positive future for ICP, it could be an excellent long-term investment.

The Internet Computer blockchain has a fundamental value. It establishes a blockchain network that eradicates the limitations of traditional blockchain, bringing speed and scalability to the smart contract at a reduced cost. Due to this aspect, many believe that ICP has a bright future in the long run.

However, ICP is a cryptocurrency considered the most volatile class of tradeable assets. Investors and traders should be aware of the magnified risks involved with such assets. One should make investment plans following their risk-taking ability. 

How Many ICP Coins Are There?

There is a total supply of 482 million ICP coins, of which 238 million are in circulation. 

What Does ICP Crypto Do?

ICP crypto is the utility token that powers the Internet Computer Blockchain network. 

The Internet Computer blockchain network aims at providing a decentralized internet, which is otherwise, in the case of other blockchains, because of the centralized server hosts. It can be used towards paying the transaction fees on the ICP network or as a reward for the network participants. ICP is also used as governance, where ICP holders vote for its future.

Is ICP Crypto Decentralized?

Yes, ICP crypto is a decentralized cryptocurrency. 

What is ICP Max Supply?

There is a total supply of 482 million ICP coins. There is no cap placed on the maximum supply of ICP tokens.

No cap on the maximum supply puts a cryptocurrency vulnerable to inflation. However, the ICP network plans to reduce its inflation at the rate of 5% every year. 

What Was ICP All-Time High?

$494.56 was the all-time high for ICP tokens.

ICP experienced its all-time high in the initial days of its launch. After that, it took a steep fall and traded below $7. 

What Network is ICP Coin On?

The ICP coin is the utility token for the Internet Computer Network. Users of the network use this token to pay for the transaction fees. It also gives them voting rights in the governance (voting for updates and configuration).

Where Do You Store ICP?

ICP tokens can be stored in hot and cold wallets powered to hold them. 

Cold wallets or hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger can store ICP tokens. While for software wallets (hot wallets), Internet Computer has wallets like NNS (Network Nervous System), Plug Wallet, Stoic Wallet, and Earth Wallet. 

When Did ICP Start Trading on Coinbase?

ICP was added to Coinbase in May 2021. It was the same month when ICP was launched. 

Is ICP on Gemini?

No, ICP is not listed on the Gemini exchange. 

How Long Do ICP Transactions Take?

Can I Stake ICP Token?

Does ICP Have Limited Supply?

No, ICP does not have a limit to the supply of the number of coins. There is a total supply of 482 million ICP coins, of which 238 million are in circulation. 

Since there is no limit to the number of ICP coins that will ever exist in the market, there are high inflation chances. However, the organization plans to decrease the inflation rate by 5% yearly. 

How Decentralized is ICP?

ICP is truly decentralized as it supports the computation and creation of dApps and smart contracts with higher scalability and speed. In other words, it provides an unbounded capacity on its blockchain. 

Will ICP Burn Tokens?

Yes, ICP tokens will be burned over time as it is an integral part of creating cycles required to run the network software.

The developers generally use cycles on the Internet Computer network to pay for the consumption of resources and computation. The only way these cycles can be created is through burning ICP tokens. 

How Much Can You Make Staking ICP?

The capacity of rewards from staking ICP depends on your voting history and DD (Dissolve Delay). More voting and longer DD mean higher staking rewards. 

It is a given that the longer you stake your ICP tokens, the more returns you will get. Also, governance is an essential factor for increasing one’s reward earnings. For example, a user actively voting on ICP proposals and has set DD between 8 to 10 years can have up to 28% yield annually. 

How Many ICP Does a Neuron Have?

Depending upon the period or dissolve delay requested by the user, the maximum number of ICP tokens staked varies. 

A neuron is created when you stake ICP on the Network Nervous System. Every neuron holds an ICP token and has voting powers. The maximum limit to a neuron’s voting power is 250; this power is acquired if you have 100 ICPs. 




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