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Forex Expert Advisors (EAs) are automated trading systems designed to execute trades in the foreign exchange market based on predefined rules. However, creating a consistently profitable EA with just 1-2 rules can be challenging, as market conditions are dynamic and often require more sophisticated strategies.

Additional rules and adaptability are typically needed to achieve a high-profit factor, which measures the profitability of trades relative to losses. This is where machine learning comes into play. It enables EAs to learn from historical data and market patterns, allowing them to continuously adapt and incorporate more complex strategies, ultimately improving their chances of achieving sustained profitability.

You can order Expert Advisor using AI (machine learning methods).

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The FxIgor Quant Team specializes in developing and improving MetaTrader Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading in financial markets. They employ advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to create these EAs, which can assist traders in making data-driven trading decisions. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Provide Basic Trading Rules: Traders provide the FxIgor Quant Team with their initial trading rules or strategies. These rules serve as the foundation for the automated trading system.
  2. AI-Generated Strategies: The FxIgor Quant Team utilizes a sophisticated AI platform that generates over 200 features and employs various machine-learning methods to develop advanced trading strategies. These AI-generated strategies complement and enhance the trader’s original rules.
  3. Integration of AI Strategies: The AI-generated strategies are integrated with the trader’s initial rules to create a more innovative and data-driven Expert Advisor (EA). This EA is a software program that can execute trades automatically based on the combined rules.
  4. Improved Profit Factor: This integration aims to improve the EA’s profit factor. The profit factor indicates the potential for the EA to generate more profits relative to losses, making it a potentially more effective tool for trading in financial markets.
  5. Model Selection: The FxIgor Quant Team selects the best model from various classification and regression models, including standard machine learning and ensemble techniques. This ensures that the EA is robust and effective in different market conditions.
  6. Symbolic Regression: Symbolic regression is a technique used to optimize the trading model further.
  7. Fast Delivery: The final EA is delivered to the trader within a relatively short timeframe, typically 72 hours to 10 days, depending on the complexity and time frame.
  8. Asset Adaptability: The EAs developed by the team are designed to be adaptable to various financial assets, allowing traders to use them across different markets.
  9. Simple Solution: Importantly, traders do not need to know learning or programming languages. The FxIgor Quant Team provides a user-friendly and simple-to-use EA and database, making it accessible to traders without technical expertise.

fxigor quant team AI EA development

The Quant team leverages over 200 features extracted from trading data to create the best model for automated trading. These features encompass market-related information, including price movements, volume, volatility, and technical indicators.

By employing various classification and regression models, including standard machine learning techniques, the team identifies patterns and relationships within this extensive dataset. Additionally, ensemble models combine the strengths of multiple algorithms, improving model robustness. Symbolic regression models further fine-tune the model by generating symbolic representations of trading rules, leading to a comprehensive and adaptable trading system.

Symbolic-regression-Quant team

The process of how the FxIgor Quant Team creates an AI-enhanced Expert Advisor (EA) for automated trading can be explained in detail as follows:

  1. Provide Trading Rules: Traders start by submitting their specific BUY and SELL rules for the trading system. Optionally, they can include custom indicators to define their trading strategy further. These rules serve as the trading system’s initial guidelines.
  2. Initial EA Creation: After receiving the trading rules, the FxIgor Quant Team constructs an essential MQL4 Expert Advisor (EA) based on the provided rules. This initial EA serves as the starting point for the automated trading system.
  3. Integration into AI Platform: The newly created EA is then integrated into the team’s advanced AI platform. This integration allows the EA to benefit from the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning in improving its performance.
  4. Data Generation and Analysis: Every BUY or SELL trade the EA executes generates a wealth of data, including over 200 distinct features. These features contribute to developing a comprehensive database encompassing the trading history and outcomes.
  5. Development of Classification Models: The FxIgor Quant Team employs classification models to analyze the generated data and identify rules or patterns that can potentially enhance the EA’s profitability. These models aim to find additional trading rules that can complement the initial ones provided by the trader.
  6. Advanced Data Analysis: Skilled data scientists dedicate significant time, typically 48 hours to 4 days, to perform advanced data analysis. This analysis involves creating decision trees, ensemble models, and symbolic regression rules based on collected data. The objective is to develop a stable and robust EA that can adapt to different market conditions.
  7. Selection and Integration of Optimal Models: The team selects one or two optimal models demonstrating the highest potential for profitability and stability from the pool of developed models. These selected models are integrated into the EA to enhance its performance and decision-making capabilities.
  8. Final Deliverables: Upon completion of the development process, traders receive the final deliverables. These include an AI-enhanced Excel Database that contains valuable trading data and insights. Additionally, traders receive the refined AI Expert Advisor, incorporating the selected optimal models. This final EA is designed to assist traders in making more data-driven and potentially profitable trading decisions in the financial markets.

The FxIgor Quant Team combines human expertise with AI and machine learning to create automated trading solutions that enhance traders’ strategies. These solutions potentially increase profitability while providing a user-friendly and accessible solution for traders without programming or machine learning knowledge.

You can order Expert Advisor using AI (machine learning methods).




Igor has been a trader since 2007. Currently, Igor works for several prop trading companies. He is an expert in financial niche, long-term trading, and weekly technical levels. The primary field of Igor's research is the application of machine learning in algorithmic trading. Education: Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in machine learning. Igor regularly publishes trading-related videos on the Fxigor Youtube channel. To contact Igor write on:

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