What Does Sustaining Capital Reinvestment Mean?

Capital reinvestment represents the process of how a company strategically divides its sources of capital among investment projects, including organic expansion, research and development opportunities, and external investment through mergers and acquisitions. 

There is no wonder that growing a business is a tough job without having the proper knowledge. All the companies and businesses need to reinvest the profits in other things to make it more efficient. In technical terms, this reinvesting process is termed as sustaining capital reinvestment. Though this is one of the most things for business growth, most people don’t have accurate information. So if you want to know more, in this article you will get a lot of useful information about it.

What is Sustaining Capital Reinvestment? Sustaining Capital Reinvestment is a process in which a company invests the capital into the business to continue the ongoing operations at all levels. In simple words, it is done to maintain the current level of operations of the company.

The amount used for the investment is the net of the current pricing or value of available income tax deductions (tax shield). And while the evaluation of the firm value is subtracted during the per annum cash flow computation. Apart from this, it is also referred to as maintenance CAPEX.

To evaluate the voluntary flow of cash after-tax, capital reinvestment is subtracted from cash flow after tax. It is done under the capitalized cash flow and left cash flow approach. After that, a deducted rate is put into it to evaluate the value of the business. Another thing that is important to analyze the evaluation of the suitable level of capital reinvestment; it is mandatory to continue the profitability and the ongoing operation of a firm or company. This evaluation is drawn based on past capital expenditure levels. In the cases of a notable capital outlay to encourage expansion and the business’s growth, the past expenditure levels’ analysis becomes a little difficult. Another important thing is that the profitability and the revenue can be influenced positively in the coming time, but the capital investment is the thing that happens once. This can firmly influence the business’s valuation; that’s why most sellers are willing to debate that capital investment should be considered sustaining vs. growth. Now maybe some of you must be thinking that how much is considered to be sustaining or growth capital. This question is a little complicated and is often a topic of debate between sellers and buyers. Analysis to support between both might include:

• Comparison of the past per annum revenue growth and capital expenditure growth

• The actual fleet size per annum analysis. Replacing an old tool with the acquisition of a new tool can be said as sustaining vs. growth



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