Natural Gas Storage Report!

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) Natural Gas Storage report is a vital indicator that measures the weekly change in the volume of natural gas held in underground storage in the United States. This report provides crucial insights into the supply and demand dynamics of the natural gas market, influencing energy prices, economic decisions, and even the valuation of currencies, notably the Canadian dollar. This comprehensive article will delve into the mechanics of the EIA Natural Gas Storage report, its implications for natural gas prices, and the broader economic and market impacts.


Release DateTimeActualForecastPrevious
Jun 13, 202410:3098B
Jun 06, 202410:3098B89B84B
May 30, 202410:3084B77B78B
May 23, 202410:3078B84B70B
May 16, 202410:3070B76B79B
May 09, 202410:3079B87B59B
May 02, 202410:3059B68B92B
Apr 25, 202410:3092B87B50B
Apr 18, 202410:3050B54B24B
Apr 11, 202410:3024B14B-37B
Apr 04, 202410:30-37B-42B-36B
Mar 28, 202410:30-36B-26B7B
Mar 21, 202410:307B5B-9B
Mar 14, 202410:30-9B-3B-40B
Mar 07, 202411:30-40B-42B-96B
Feb 29, 202411:30-96B-86B-60B
Feb 22, 202411:30-60B-59B-54B
Feb 15, 202411:30-49B-67B-75B
Feb 08, 202411:30-75B-73B-197B
Feb 01, 202411:30-197B-202B-326B
Jan 25, 202411:30-326B-322B-154B
Jan 18, 202411:30-154B-164B-140B
Jan 11, 202411:30-140B-119B-14B
Jan 04, 202411:30-14B-40B-87B
Dec 28, 202311:30-87B-79B-87B
Dec 21, 202311:30-87B-82B-55B
Dec 14, 202311:30-55B-54B-117B
Dec 07, 202311:30-117B-105B10B
Nov 30, 202311:3010B-12B-7B
Nov 22, 202313:00-7B7B60B
Nov 16, 202311:3060B40B-6B
Nov 16, 202311:29-6B79B
Nov 02, 202310:3079B80B74B
Oct 26, 202310:3074B80B97B
Oct 19, 202310:3097B80B84B
Oct 12, 202310:3084B88B86B
Oct 05, 202310:3086B92B90B
Sep 28, 202310:3090B88B64B
Sep 21, 202310:3064B67B57B
Sep 14, 202310:3057B48B33B
Sep 07, 202310:3033B43B32B
Aug 31, 202310:3032B25B18B
Aug 24, 202310:3018B33B35B
Aug 17, 202310:3035B34B29B
Aug 10, 202310:3029B25B14B
Aug 03, 202310:3014B17B16B
Jul 27, 202310:3016B19B41B
Jul 20, 202310:3041B40B49B
Jul 13, 202310:3049B51B68B
Jul 07, 202310:3072B64B76B
Jun 29, 202310:3076B83B95B
Jun 22, 202310:3095B91B84B
Jun 15, 202310:3084B96B104B
Jun 08, 202310:30104B104B110B
Jun 01, 202310:30110B113B96B
May 25, 202310:3096B108B99B
May 18, 202310:3099B108B78B
May 11, 202310:3078B74B54B
May 04, 202310:3054B86B79B
Apr 27, 202310:3079B75B75B
Apr 20, 202310:3075B69B25B
Apr 13, 202310:3025B28B-23B
Apr 06, 202310:30-23B-21B-47B
Mar 30, 202310:30-47B-54B-72B
Mar 23, 202310:30-72B-75B-58B
Mar 16, 202310:30-58B-62B-84B
Mar 09, 202311:30-84B-80B-81B
Mar 02, 202311:30-81B-75B-71B
Feb 23, 202311:30-71B-67B-100B
Feb 16, 202311:30-100B-109B-217B
Feb 09, 202311:30-217B-195B-151B
Feb 02, 202311:30-151B-142B-91B
Jan 26, 202311:30-91B-82B-82B
Jan 19, 202311:30-82B-71B11B
Jan 12, 202311:3011B-15B-221B
Jan 05, 202311:30-221B-228B-213B
Dec 29, 202211:30-213B-201B-87B
Dec 22, 202211:30-87B-93B-50B
Dec 15, 202211:30-50B-45B-21B
Dec 08, 202211:30-21B-31B-81B
Dec 01, 202211:30-81B-84B-80B
Nov 23, 202213:00-80B63B64B
Nov 17, 202211:3064B63B79B
Nov 10, 202211:3079B84B107B
Nov 03, 202210:30107B97B52B
Oct 27, 202210:3052B59B111B
Oct 20, 202210:30111B105B125B
Oct 13, 202210:30125B123B129B
Oct 06, 202210:30129B113B103B
Sep 29, 202210:30103B94B103B
Sep 22, 202210:30103B93B77B
Sep 15, 202210:3077B73B54B
Sep 08, 202210:3054B54B61B
Sep 01, 202210:3061B58B60B
Aug 25, 202210:3060B58B18B
Aug 18, 202210:3018B34B44B
Aug 11, 202210:3044B39B41B
Aug 04, 202210:3041B29B15B
Jul 28, 202210:3015B22B32B
Jul 21, 202210:3032B47B58B
Jul 14, 202210:3058B58B60B
Jul 07, 202210:3060B74B82B
Jun 30, 202210:3082B74B74B
Jun 23, 202210:3074B65B92B
Jun 16, 202210:3092B97B
Jun 09, 202210:3097B96B90B
Jun 02, 202210:3090B86B80B
May 26, 202210:3080B89B89B
May 19, 202210:3089B87B76B
May 12, 202210:3076B79B77B
May 05, 202210:3077B68B40B
Apr 28, 202210:3040B38B53B
Apr 21, 202210:3053B37B15B
Apr 14, 202210:3015B15B-33B
Apr 07, 202210:30-33B-26B26B
Mar 31, 202210:3026B21B-51B
Mar 24, 202210:30-51B-56B-79B
Mar 17, 202210:30-79B-73B-124B
Mar 10, 202211:30-124B-117B-139B
Mar 03, 202211:30-139B-138B-129B
Feb 24, 202211:30-129B-134B-190B
Feb 17, 202211:30-190B-193B-222B
Feb 10, 202211:30-222B-222B-268B
Feb 03, 202211:30-268B-216B-219B
Jan 27, 202211:30-219B-216B-206B
Jan 20, 202211:30-206B-194B-179B

The Mechanics of the EIA Natural Gas Storage Report

The EIA Natural Gas Storage report is released every Thursday and details the net change in natural gas storage levels in the U.S. for the previous week. These storage levels are measured in billion cubic feet (Bcf) and categorized into three central regions: East, West, and Producing (which includes the Gulf Coast). The report also provides data on the total storage levels, comparing them to the previous week, the same week of the previous year, and the five-year average.

How Data is Collected

The data for the report is gathered through surveys of natural gas operators who report the amount of gas they have in storage. These operators include local distribution companies, interstate pipeline companies, and storage service providers. The EIA aggregates and analyzes the collected data to produce the weekly report.

Interpretation of the Report

The EIA Natural Gas Storage Report is closely monitored by market participants, including traders, analysts, and policymakers. The report’s results can significantly influence natural gas prices, providing direct insight into supply and demand dynamics.

  1. Increase in Inventories Greater than Expected: Supply is higher than demand when the reported increase in natural gas inventories exceeds market expectations. This scenario typically leads to a bearish sentiment in the natural gas market, causing prices to fall.
  2. Increase in Inventories Less than Expected: If the increase in inventories is less than expected, demand is more robust relative to supply. This bullish signal generally results in higher natural gas prices.
  3. Decline in Inventories Greater than Expected: A larger-than-expected decline in inventories suggests robust demand or inadequate supply, both bullish factors for natural gas prices.
  4. Decline in Inventories Less than Expected: If the decline in inventories is smaller than expected, it points to weaker demand or an oversupply, which can have a bearish impact on natural gas prices.

Impact on the Canadian Dollar

While the EIA Natural Gas Storage Report is a U.S. indicator, its effects extend beyond American borders, particularly influencing the Canadian dollar (CAD). Canada is a significant exporter of natural gas to the U.S., and the health of the energy sector is closely tied to the Canadian economy. Therefore, fluctuations in natural gas prices due to storage reports can significantly impact the CAD.

Direct and Indirect Effects

  1. Direct Effects: When natural gas prices rise due to lower-than-expected storage levels, Canadian energy companies benefit from higher revenues, improving the overall economic outlook and strengthening the CAD.
  2. Indirect Effects: The health of the Canadian energy sector also affects investor sentiment and foreign investment flows. A robust energy sector can attract more foreign investment, strengthening CAD.

Broader Economic and Market Implications

The EIA Natural Gas Storage report affects natural gas prices and the Canadian dollar, and it has broader economic and market implications.

Impact on Energy Sector Stocks

The report’s outcomes can influence companies’ stock prices in the natural gas sector. For instance, a bullish report leading to higher natural gas prices can boost the share prices of natural gas producers, pipeline operators, and service companies.

Influence on Inflation and Economic Policy

Natural gas prices play a role in determining inflation rates, as energy costs are a significant component of consumer prices. Higher natural gas prices can increase heating and electricity costs, contributing to overall inflation. Central banks, such as the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada, monitor energy prices closely as part of their economic assessments and policy decisions.

Effect on Energy Contracts and Futures Markets

The natural gas futures market is highly responsive to the EIA Natural Gas Storage report. Traders use the report to make informed decisions on buying and selling futures contracts. Significant deviations from expected storage levels can lead to substantial price volatility in future markets.

Strategies for Traders and Investors

Given the substantial impact of the EIA Natural Gas Storage Report, traders and investors often develop strategies to capitalize on the report’s outcomes.

Anticipatory Strategies

Traders may take positions in natural gas futures or related stocks before the report’s release based on their expectations of the storage data. These positions are typically based on weather forecasts, historical data, and market sentiment.

Reactive Strategies

After the report is released, traders may quickly adjust their positions in response to the actual data. This approach requires swift decision-making and the ability to interpret the report accurately and promptly.


The EIA Natural Gas Storage report is a crucial indicator with far-reaching implications for the natural gas market, energy sector, broader economy, and even international currencies like the Canadian dollar. Understanding the dynamics of this report and its impacts can provide valuable insights for traders, investors, and policymakers. By closely monitoring storage levels and market expectations, stakeholders can make informed decisions that align with the natural gas market’s prevailing supply and demand conditions.



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