Can You Make Passive Income From Options?

The passive income grows your money by leaps and bounds if you follow the appropriate strategies for it. Every investor should add passive income to their portfolio to indulge in more money-making activities while still maximizing their gains through this process. Let’s explore options passive trading and if it is an excellent way to create some profits.

You can use put options and covered calls to create a passive income through options trading. It is a way to earn good profits over time once you make the initial effort. There is no cap on your earnings as it all depends on the type of options in exercise. However, all this is not an easy task. First, one needs to understand the foundation of options trading, covered calls, and put options. How is this a passive income, and how can you add it to your portfolio to take in profits? Let’s find out!

Can You Make Passive Income From Options?

Yes, trading options where trader generates annual profit represents passive income.  Options trading, like any investment, does not describe an active job where you work hours to provide service, sell products, and earn money. In options trading, you can create an intelligent decision, execute a trade, and in a few days make a profit without diligent work.

The type and length of the options define the passiveness of this trade. For example, if you are checking your options constantly, then it is not considered a passive income.

The two options that do not need constant monitoring are the covered calls and put options. Once bought, there is nothing that you need to do and sell them once they reach the expiry dates. Let’s discuss these options in more detail.

Covered calls

This is the most convenient way to build a passive income. Here all you need to do is buy some stock and sell calls in opposition to your stock. The first step is to purchase 100 shares of the stock of your choice or buy multiples of 100 in case you aim to sell many options. The next step is to sell calls against your stock but at a higher price than these shares would stand at the expiration time.

The difference between the buying and selling price will be your profit and is also known as the premium of the call. The payoff will be calculated by multiplying the premium by 100.

Covered calls reap the most benefits when your anticipation for the price is lowered drastically. E.g., if the stock price hikes up by a few units, the owner does not exercise his option, and you bring in profits without even selling the stock.

However, if this price reaches sky high, and the owner decides to savor the profits by exercising the option, you will be baffled to know the small payoff you get compared to the part where you sold the stock for a price. Of course, the premium might be providing some profits, but you could get more benefits from the stock.

Is it covered called passive income?

Covered calls are called passive income because once you buy the stock and pass on the options, your profits come in without much effort. The options buyer will take the burden of monitoring the prices from your head as they are equally interested in it, and hence they have an eye on the price to make good profits from the premium. 

Covered calls are also eligible to be sold multiple times for the same stock because of expiration. So, for example, if an option buyer buys your share but decides not to exercise the options and sell you shares, the options will expire, and you will still be the owner of that stock. 

Once the option expires, you are entitled to putting another covered call up for sale on the same shares. This process can be reiterated until the share is sold. Hence, it will enhance your profits every time you sell a new option without doing too much extensive work behind it.

However, meager efforts are still needed, like watching the share price for any significant increase. If the prices are increasing too much, you should sell the share instead of the option to get massive profits. 

Put options

Warren Buffet, the world-renowned billionaire investor, is known for his investments in put options. If he can earn through this method, then why can you? Let’s understand the topic of put options to find out how they are counted as passive income. 

If you aim to buy the stock when it hits low prices, you should indulge in selling put options. Put options open your chest of profits as soon as you sell them, and you also get added benefits because you can now buy your desired stock at a lower price.

Firstly you need to search for an ideal share and then sell an option for it. You should handpick your stock, and then you need to set the strike price for the price that you intend to buy it for. While selling the put option, you will make profits as the premium. You get to keep the money and monitor if the stock owner would like to exercise it. 

If the owner decides to exercise the stock, you will be obliged to buy it for your strike price. Hence you end up with profits from the premium and the newly purchased shares at a low price. Even if the put options expire, you still have the premium like in the covered calls option.

You also have the option to keep selling these put options until they are exercised. You will earn a premium for every option that is sold. 


Options trading is an impeccable source of passive income if you take the proper steps and conduct every trade thoughtfully. Put options and covered calls will aid you in building this stream without requiring a lot of effort and allow you to sell more and make money immediately. 

All you need to do is agree to buy the shares at the strike price in put options and ensure that your covered calls do not increase a lot. Just a bit of monitoring, and you will open a door towards profits through options passive trading.  



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