Top Growth Stocks ASX

When it comes to this Stock exchange based in Australia, they’ve got quite many rapidly growing companies in their hands. Several of these significantly rising ones are listed in our Top 10s as well. So here are the best stocks to invest in ASX.

Such stocks indicate companies whose performance in terms of finance and growth of price, when it comes to shares, is predicted to move further than what the regular average market holds. Considering this information, these stocks are pretty much companies operating on a small scale. Still, they have enhanced revenue as they reinvest their market expected income back into its growth. Now, as these companies tend to reinvest, it is rare that they pay dividends.

But even the people considering investing should understand as these stocks in the growth period are still entirely new in the case of functioning and working in a dynamic environment. As they’re pretty new, many of these companies face failure and tend to give up their dreams which they hold the potential to fulfill. 

Due to just this situation, investing in growth stocks would be risky. But, with more significant risks comes greater rewards if the company is excelling in its field. Every company that’s flourished itself across the market once had quite much investment support as a beginner. 

What Makes Growth Stocks Different From Value Stocks?

If you’re confused between these two, then don’t be! Because there is a fair amount of difference between the two. 

As value equities are witnessed trading on weaker multiples, seen across preferred industries, and are considered pretty dull, growth equities play just the opposite role. Which explains these stocks are capable of trading ahead of the market’s actual multiples in top-notch sections and are attractive as a brand new company opening up their equities. 

Regardless of the difference between these two kinds of stocks, there are certain similarities possessed as well. When you view the best ASX stocks to invest in, you’ll find out why these can also deviate you from the correct path. Before you begin investing, it is crucial to understand that every growth equity can’t be gigantic and turning tables always. Even Warren Buffet, the man of strict principles, once claimed:

‘In our opinion, the two approaches are joined at the hip: Growth is always a component in the calculation of value, constituting a variable whose importance can range from negligible to enormous and whose impact can be negative as well as positive.’ 

Top Growth Stocks ASX

Top growth stocks in Australia to buy in 2021 are:

  • Temple & Webster Group
  • Redbubble
  •  Afterpay
  • Zip
  • Kogan 
  • PointsBet
  • Xero
  •  Pushpay

Temple & Webster Group



This is not a typical company but an eCommerce business that sells furniture, homeware, and other such items. The COVID-19 scenario has been challenging for them since people tend to have longer time-spans at home and wouldn’t be that willing to purchase such items. If you’re looking out for their market situation, their report stated the following statistics for the Financial Year 2020:

  • A 466 percent increment in EBITDA, making it reach $8.5 million.
  • A mind-blowing yield of 176.3 million dollars, rising by 74 percent. 
  • A present clientele of over four hundred and eighty thousand people, topping up by 77%.
  • Share Price: Average of $11.80.
  • Potential yearly profit of 340 percent and above. 



As an eCommerce company, Rebubble assists artisans across the globe willing to supply products worldwide. They prioritize stickers, clothing, wall art, and a lot more such products. Considering the COVID-19 situation, rather than sinking, they tried to elevate their business by selling face masks with different prints & patterns to hit the target audience. Their business succeeded so well, the 1st Quarter sales of 2021 explained:

  • The functioning flow of cash of over $27.1 million, rising by 165%.
  • Revenue as per the market at $147.5 million, going upwards by 149 percent. 
  • Significant Gross Profit lifting by 149 percent, reaching up to $64.5 million. 
  • Share Price: Average of $5.95.
  • Potential yearly profit at a whopping 426 percent, going higher. 


Working with a principle that facilitates buying first and making payments later, it’s an estranging company growing fast. Their valuations are proving great, and their stocks do promise an outstanding level of return. The entire COVID situation worked well for them, and their business reached greater heights. In recent times, they let the market know that their business could surpass $2 billion worth of sales that were underlying. Just as this statement justifies their growth, the prices of their stocks are pretty up already:

  • Share Price: Average of $119.00.
  • Expected yearly return of over 296 percent. 


This company is pretty similar to the one present above. However, they’re a bit more advanced than Afterpay since one can witness larger purchases and have the authority to provide credit and provide services based on BNPL centering towards business. They’re a fantastic example of a growth stock as they jumped high in the year 2020. The reason behind their rise was people attracted towards the ‘buy now pay later, going ahead for online shopping quite a lot. Their statements claimed the following:

  • Clientele around 5.3 million.
  • Transactions crossing 570 million dollars. 
  • Share Price: Average of $5.59.
  • Yearly profits of over 62 percent. 


Last year, like every eCommerce business, including TPW and RPL, this company witnessed quite a fantastic response as they decided to go online. Their performance was able to generate a significant amount of yield by selling electronics. Their growth status reports: 

  • EBITDA worth $49.7 million, rising by 57.6 percent. 
  • Equities are rising by 0.21, moving ahead by 46.9 percent. 
  • Gross sales growing high by 39.3 percent, claimed to be $768.9 million.
  • Share Price: Average of $19.42.
  • Average yielding capacity lying yearly at 164% and above. 


PointsBet made the most out of the pandemic, and 2020 went pretty great for them. As a company that works in sports and betting-related to it, they have a robust approach towards functioning, and their partnership with NBC Sports is a cherry on the cake. This is coming together of companies will open gates of PointsBet, introducing them to assets of the broadcasting market capable of generating 184 million views worth of attention. As per their reports with regards to 1st Quarter of the year 2021, they claimed:

  • 164,500 people as clients. 
  • Massive turnover of over 691 million dollars, rising by 193 percent. 
  • Net profits worth 38.1 million dollars, going up by 222%. 
  • Share Price: Average of $11.82.
  • Annual returns are rising by 138 percent. 


This company first started with facilitating the data centers throughout the country, and last year, their performance was just exceptional. Their equities rose by a whopping 600% and are quite a demand. Even the pandemic didn’t affect them, but instead, they went up, having a double-digit uplift. NEXTDC’s Financial Year 2020 spoke: 

  • A good number of customers at 1,364, rising by 15%. 
  • The total yield of $205.2 million, seeing a 14% increment. 
  • EBITDA at a reasonable scale of 104.6 million dollars, going up by 23 percent. 
  • Share Price: Average of $12.37.
  • Satisfactory yearly results at 88 percent and. 


Introducing next-level technicality to accounting by merging it with cloud-based services, Xero is attracting several people, and the proof is their equities. The stocks had a massive rise of 80%, never coming back from there. Moreover, their calendar year status displayed a great deal of rising revenue, making it double-digit. Xero also claimed: 

  • Subscribers are lying at 2.45 million, increasing by nineteen percent. 
  • NPAT of over thirty-four and a half million dollars.
  • The yield of NZ is $409.8 million, up by 21%.
  • Earnings that were underlying worth $120.8 million, going up by 86%. 
  • Share Price: Average of $148.46.
  • Yearly returns of 83%+.

A yet recently displaying company, MyDeal is a retail company that just laid its foot in the list of growth stocks. Similar to TPW, they deal in furniture along with homeware, but on a lesser scale. Their performance in November 2020 showed their bolstering growth, which is just the same time as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. All-in-all their November statistics showed:

  • Present clientele rising by 228 percent, reaching 778,000.
  • Increase in returning customers as 52.9% of bills was of them, going up by a good 49.7 percent.
  • Gross Monthly Sales of over thirty million dollars, making it $105 million in the first five months of Financial Year 2021.
  • Share Price: Average of $1.28.


Pushpay’s equities might be the only one in this list that has struggled during the pandemic but is still one of the most excellent ASX growth stocks to buy. However, their stocks faced a downfall of 50 percent in that particular span, regardless of whether the company had reported a 51% revenue rise in their interim results just before this happened. Also, their NPAT was visible at over 107 percent. But considering this situation, the management explained:

‘Pushpay expects further strong revenue growth as we continue to execute on our strategy to gain further market share in the medium-term and believes this is the best way to maximize shareholder value.’

  • Share Price: Average of $1.80.
  • Yearly yield of 83 percent and above. 

How To Fetch The Perfect Growth Stock?

When you choose equities, you still need to put your brains in them despite the market strategies to understand everything. So, combining science and arts, here’s what you need to look after as you decide to invest in growth equities:

  • Look after the company’s growth revenue-wise, and if not, then at least fetch each quarter’s details. The figures should be displaying double-digit or higher figures of rising, at least. 
  • Please find out about their current situation and capability of setting trends in the future, because at times the growth is visible, but it becomes still after some time. Say, for instance, cloud computing and accounting were never merged in the past. Still, the pandemic helped scale it considering the work from home and individual managements, leaving file work aside, and Xero made it possible. 
  • Ensure you know about the whereabouts of the capital by recognizing whether they’re into reinvesting or spending it in the market. Why this information? Because you’ll be struggling without it, and there’ll be a lack of knowledge considering the share you’re investing in. 
  • Notice the opportunities these companies can bring and whether they come under the small or mid-cap growth category. Understand that the larger companies can grow quickly, so give them their time and keep on analyzing. 

What Should You Do To Invest In A Growth Equity?

One of the biggest reasons why growth equities are considered excellent is the strength they carry to perform exceptionally well across broader market sectors in both shorter and longer spans. This is the only reason why people believe them better than dividend equities, even though growth stocks are riskier. Say, for example, the RedBubble share saw a massive rise, and their statistics went mind-boggling. Each company has its potential, and just like that, the eCommerce business outshined by performing well. Here’s what you need to do to buy such growth equities:

  • Begin by opening a share trading account at any platform of your choice. 
  • Ensure that you fund the account well (minimum of what the platform requires at least). Then, select which stock would be of your choice, and then go ahead clicking on exchange. 

But remember, just so you find the share rising, that doesn’t mean that’ll be the only thing with it. See the kind of jumps it’s taking; if it’s too rapid, then pause and see its growth to identify whether they don’t go down because that happens quite often. 

This is the exact reason why growth equities won’t be the right option for investors who are conservative related to their choices. But, they’re still great for all the other investors who are willing to take some risk. 

How Do You Exactly Trade Growth Stocks?

Growth stocks are highly volatile and at once might be doing a favor to the traders, but there is a high chance their direction could change. Just as the profits would increase, so would the case of losses, therefore choose considerably. As you go ahead to purchase the top growth stocks ASX, you should witness the price fluctuation, both up and down, and then act accordingly. Say, if you desire to purchase, you should go for a long position, whereas you should go for a short position if you desire to sell. 

Settle Your Mind Before You Begin Investing

It is important to understand that these companies are still in their growth period, and at any moment, their business may start to decline due to some of the other situations. We mean, what if their plan isn’t functioning and they predicted its execution or their competitions are so strong that they fail to come up with something different; anything could happen at any moment. 

Also, another important thing to know is that these stocks don’t sell considering their current price, but only after looking at what it carries in the name of growth. So in case, a company can manage a strong level of functioning considering the market expectations, then their equities will definitely be witnessing a good rise. Say, for example, Xero’s stocks were selling at almost 150 dollars last year, and they continued to rise because they kept satisfying the market in that very way. 

But still, investors who are trading for a long time don’t look towards such statistics. 

Growth Equities: All-in-all Situation

These rising equities are indeed a great opportunity for traders as these advance their portfolio, or at least carry the potential to in some time. They could also claim the benefits of the instant appreciation in capital amongst new and recently launched companies listed publicly. But still, whilst investing in these stocks, remember:

  • Risks are still quite high, so invest smartly. 
  • Receiving dividends would be very rare. 
  • Whatever profit they have, it is straightaway invested towards the company’s enhancement. 
  • Returns would be ahead of the average of the market but still at a greater risk. 

That’s it! Growth stocks might seem a bit complex, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. We hope these ASX Stock Ideas help you out and you’re able to invest in these 10, gaining a great amount of profit. So find the right one for you amongst these and begin trading today! 



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