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What is the currency used in Rwanda? Whether you’re traveling for tourism or a business trip, it is crucial to know that country’s money so that you could get it exchanged and avoid any end-time issues. Of course, you could put your cards to use, but knowing about the currency exactly would still be a crucial point. Rwanda is a country that is still lesser known for several facts, and the same goes with the currency they use. 

What is the name of Rwanda Currency?

The name of Rwanda currency is the Rwandan franc (RWF), and it is subdivided into 100 centimes. Rwandan franc denominations for bills are 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 francs while for coins are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 francs.

How much is 1 dollar in Rwandan francs?

Based on Rwanda currency exchange rate, 1 dollar in rwandan francs is equal:

So, if you’re visiting Rwanda, know that the Rwandan franc helps you buy/sell or function monetarily in this particular country of Africa. Both banknotes and coins are meant to be utilized, and these are divided across hundreds of centimes. Do you wish to know more about its economy and history? Then check out some great details in this article.

How is Rwanda’s economy?

Rwanda’s economy is in rapid development and 2019. economic growth exceeded 10%, supported by large public investments to implement the National Strategy of Transformation. However, the economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture by local farmers.

Rwanda is not a corporate capital or a business capital, but it is a country that generates significant revenue via agricultural activities. About 70% of this country’s residents are into the farming sector and attain their income. As we’ve all heard, Africa is very well-known for its tea and coffee, but do we know where is it all exported from? Tea and Coffee is Rwanda’s most commonly grown crop, with just coffee being mainly produced at around 20,000 to 22,000 metric tons. Their primary export areas are the United States, Europe, and Asia, but a significant amount of produce also goes to the UK, Singapore, Belgium, Switzerland, and others. 

Despite being with limited resources and a justified amount of land, Rwanda is having a significant amount of progress economically, bringing a fair share of stability. However, it majorly depends on small, semi-substance, as well as fragmented farming techniques. Seeing the Rwanda country currency grow significantly is amazing; seeing how it’s grown from a farm area of less than one hectare displays the dedication of the Rwandan public that was once greater than 450 individuals per square kilometer.

What do the history of Rwanda and its currency display?

It was not until 1960 when the currency of Rwanda Africa was announced to be the Rwandan franc. Before that, in the year 1916, a significant currency change was portrayed when Belgium took hold of German territory, switching the German East African Rupee to Belgian Congo Franc. But, the usage of the Rwandan franc was highlighted only after the year 1964, when the banknotes of Rwandan and Burundi Bank were overstamped just for use in the country only. 

The entire country witnessed the first coin in 1969 when an aluminum structure for 1 franc was launched. In 1970, the currency for two and a ½ franc was also found in the same material. Finally, 20 and 50 francs were also launched seven years after the last coin, but this time, in 1977, the coins found were crafted with Brass. A particular plan to launch an East African Shilling in a modern format was announced in 2012, along with 5 East African countries. 

To conclude with, by far, you’ve got to know a lot about the country and its economic aspect, along with its history. So next time, if you’re wondering what the name of Rwanda currency is, remember it’s the Rwandan franc!



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