How Much is a 1941 Penny Worth in 2024?

The U.S. Mint struck millions of coins in 1941, including several pennies. Copper-plated zinc Lincoln Wheat Pennies were made from 1909 to 1942, mostly from 1941, due to the wartime production effort. The value of the 1941 penny does not have a 1964 penny (worth a penny), but you can expect 16 to 70 cents for this rare coin.

1941 penny - 1941 Lincoln Wheat Cent Bronze Composite Penny

How Much is a 1941 Penny Worth?

The 1941 Lincoln Wheat Cent Bronze Composite Penny is worth $0.2 in good condition (G4) and up to $45 (Proof coins). Most well-preserved 1941 pennies are “very fine” grade, and on average, they are worth around 34 cents.

1941 Penny worth Table is presented below:

1941 Coin GradeGrade symbol1941 penny worth
Very Good(VG-8)$0.21
Very Fine(VF-20)$0.34
Extremely Fine(EF-40)$0.68
About Uncirculated(AU-50)$1.72

Collectors call uncirculated examples of 1941 pennies “Mint State” or “MS” coins. These coins have never been used in circulation and still display their original luster and finish, giving them a higher premium value than circulated examples. Coins in lower grades such as “Good,” “Fine,” or “Very Fine” also carry extra value but not nearly as much as uncirculated varieties; this is because they generally show some signs of wear and visible imperfections caused by being handled over time (such as scratches).

In addition to condition, mintmarks also play an important role when determining the value of a 1941 penny. Most issues were made at the Philadelphia Mint without any mark, which can be identified by looking for a ‘P’ on the coin’s reverse side near the wheat stalks, or in some cases, there will be no symbol at all. Other varieties include those produced in San Francisco (denoted by an ‘S’) and Denver (marked by a ‘D’). Both are more scarce than Philadelphia issues and thus command higher prices when found in desirable condition: an average 1941 MS60 specimen could sell for around $2.28, while one graded MS65 would bring closer to $5 depending on its quality within that tier level – capped off with exceptional 1941 Penny PR63 pieces reaching up into the $45-$50.

What does 1941 Penny look like?

The 1941 penny is a historical coin designed by Victor D Brenner, who created the iconic image of Abraham Lincoln, which appears on the head side. The coin comprises 5% zinc, tin, and 95% Copper, giving it a brown-red hue. It measures 19mm in diameter and weighs approximately 3.11 grams, making it lightweight and easily transportable.

What does 1941 Penny look like

On the head side, an image of Abraham Lincoln stands proud with the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” inscribed above him. The left-hand side has “LIBERTY” across it, while the date and mintmark are on the right—the reverse features “ONE CENT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” surrounded by two wheat stalks.

This penny was introduced in 1941 as a replacement for other coins like wheat pennies, which had previously been produced in various denominations of copper or bronze. It was meant to be a tribute to President Lincoln, and his efforts during the Civil War, with references to his famous speech at Gettysburg, included in the design.

The 1941 penny has become one of the most iconic coins in American history due to its unique design, which captures patriotism and a sense of nostalgia for past generations who used it as currency for everyday transactions. This sentimental value remains strong today as people recognize this coin’s historical significance and collectible value.

Due to their limited mintage, original specimens are sold at much higher prices than face value—some even reaching upwards of $50! Furthermore, because they’re made from copper instead of zinc or steel like modern coins, these 1941 pennies tend to be surprisingly well preserved despite their age, often presenting little signs of wear or corrosion over time, making them highly sought after among collectors worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or simply trying to add a piece of history to your collection, look no further than this unique addition –the 1941 penny –which stands out as an iconic symbol of America’s past glory and resilience through hard times!



1941 Proof Coins

1941-proof coins are worth around $45 and are usually rare because they are prepared for numismatics. Proof coins are designed to provide the highest quality and detail in the design. They are inspected closely, polished, and cleaned with soft cloths after every use, and often replaced to ensure their continued high quality. These coins are made using special processes that involve higher speed settings, unique inspections for quality assurance, and even a special sonic sealing process that keeps the coins free from human contact.

Proof coins come in two different forms – proof blanks and mint press. The proof blanks are inspected closely, and only the best-quality pieces are chosen. They go through a unique polishing process before they can be used in minting. After they’ve been used several times, they’re re-cleaned and frequently replaced to maintain quality.

For the proof blanks, each is hand-fed into a coin press one at a time. Before the outer rim is raised, it is referred to as a blank. These blanks then go through a polishing process before being struck at least twice by the press to give them more detail and higher pressure settings than regular coins.

Proofs take much longer to process as more care is taken during production and greater attention is paid to quality checks. To prevent them from contacting human hands directly, proofs also undergo a sonic sealing procedure within secure plastic holders, where no one can access them except authorized personnel wearing protective gloves and clothing. This ensures that contamination or damage is kept from precious currency like these.

Each piece is made individually, with particular attention to its unique design features. However, depending on their age or rarity levels, proof coins may sometimes be worth more than regular coins; proof coins remain popular among collectors who appreciate their superior craftsmanship and those looking for something rare or valuable to bring home as memorabilia from their travels abroad.


Overall, what you can expect to get for your 1941 penny depends significantly on its condition and mintmark variety, but on average, a penny 1941 is worth 33 cents. You should assess yours carefully before looking for someone willing to purchase it from you or researching values online through various price guides or auction catalogs for comparison purposes so that you know how much it could be worth before making any decisions regarding sale or trade opportunities.

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