Association Cambiste Internationale

Association Cambiste Internationale ACI

Definition of Association Cambiste Internationale:
Association Cambiste Internationale, ACI is a leading, global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to market development through education, market practices, technical advice, and networking events. It is an examining body internationally recognized by the practitioners working in the Foreign Exchange and operations of the Money Market. This works with several numbers of main authoritarian bodies. The association Campsite Internationale has headquarters in Paris. It is regarded as an umbrella association for several national associations consisting of foreign dealers and other members working in the financial institutions. The members of the Association Cambsite Internationale are engaged in the trading in the financial market that represents the Foreign Exchange, securities, interest rate items, costly metal and products, and their different types of derivatives. Association Cambiste Internationale is a popular association of wholesale market professionals. This Cambsite Internationale consists of about 13,000 members belonging to different countries.ACI was founded in Paris in 1955 as Association Cambiste Internationale and had a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping its membership through various market interactions. The specific market promotes best market practices with the help of better learning programs and a collection of the globally accepted market practices with the help of learning programs and a collection of the worldliest collection of market standards. It was established in Paris and had a valued background in the International Markets.

Bruno Langfritz, ACIFMA Chairman said:

“Throughout its long history as a non-profit making institution ACI has emphasized membership, community and a determination to enhance financial industry ethical conduct. As the world of financial services develops and changes faster there is ever more need for ACI education and training services, both for individual personal development and code and regulatory adherence.”



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