Collective2 Review – C2 Forex Vs. Zulutrade

“In this article, we will try to compare the two most important Social Forex trading platforms – Collective2 vs. Zulutrade. A few years ago, we wrote a text about the Zulutrade platform, but now we need to compare it with Collective2.

Collective2 Review

Collective2 Social Forex Trading Signals Platform

Collective2 or C2 forex platform is a mirror trading or automated signal trading platform where traders from the automated-trading community share algorithms and results.

Are you searching for a seamless and scam-free automated trading platform? If yes, then Collective2 can be a good recommendation for the traders like you! Needless to say, it’s quite a reputed platform that has more than 19,000 active traders, and the platform claims to use around 58,000 different strategies. Please note that this automated trading platform was launched in the year 2001. The founder of the Collective2 or C2 platform is none other than Matthew Klein, who is quite famous and eminent in the retail algorithmic trading space arena.

This platform also works on the same principle as other available social investment networks like ZuluTrade and Etoro. As a trader, you will be asked to select and follow a system developer. Next, you need to allocate portions of your capitals that will be simply the copy/mirror trades of that developer. It’s up to you how much amount of money you decide to trade for mirroring. Based on your allocated traded amount and mirror trade value of the system operator, your final profit/gain will be calculated.

Understand the broker model of Collective2

Opening a trading account with C2 is a straightforward and hassle-free process. It can be opened via C2’s broker partners. For example, C2 has partnerships with a wide majority of well-known broker partners like FXCM and NinjaTrader. Depending on these broker partners’ scheme, you may be offered lucrative incentives from time to time. But, please keep in mind that the broker partners solely provide these incentives. The C2 platform itself doesn’t offer any incentives to the clients for opening trading accounts.

Rules and fees

C2 is nothing but an investment social network that’s loaded with plenty of automated and algorithmic trading strategies. The platform supports trading in Forex, stocks, and futures. It mainly focuses on the market, UK, US, and Asia.

To ensure adequate gain and profit, it’s essential to pick and follow the right auto trading strategy. Your trade performance will be solely dependent on it.

As a subscriber, you need first to create a trading account with Collective2. Upon successful account creation, you can browse and search for profitable auto trading strategies. There isn’t a fee for opening an account with Collective2 or browsing through their trading strategies. However, once you’ve successfully found the right trading strategy and you are keen to follow that auto trading system, then a monthly charge of £75 will be deducted. Likewise, system operators who want to list their trading strategies for the subscribers must also pay the listing fee. The recommended minimum account deposit amount for Collective2 is £10,000.

Is there a mobile trading option for Collective2?

As of now, Collective2’s mobile app isn’t ready yet. However, the platform claims to launch its mobile trading app soon for the users.

C2  Forex Help and support

You can contact the company by dialing the helpline number, i.e., 001 914 610 3979. Also, there’s an email id where you can email your concerns/queries to the customer support team, i.e.,

Collective2 vs. Zulutrade
Before we analyze in detail these two platforms, see the main facts :

  1. And Collective2 and Zulutrade connect the broker’s account with managers’ accounts and offers signals to traders (investors).
  2. Zulutrade is free. They charge using spreads in the brokerage account.
  3. Collective2 costs around $100 (standard) flat monthly fee.
  4. Most users on Zulutrade trade Forex and at Collective2 trade stocks, futures, forex.
  5. Using Zulutrade, traders can receive an unlimited number of signal providers but using Collective2, only a few. Zulutrade vs. mirror trader Collective2 has the advantage.
  6. Collective2 traders have an average drawdown below 10%. Zulutrade providers have a huge drawdown and do not care enough about money management.

Zulutrade Review

Zulutrade is one of the ways you can achieve automated trading. It allows you to learn and implement skills used by experienced Forex traders. Additionally, you will be able to share and leave feedback. It allows you to copy the trades of the best traders, which was the initial idea of Leon and Kosta in 2007. Within two years, Zulutrade had gained popularity, and people could mint money out of it. In 2014 the developers saw it fit to make some improvements in their website and introduce new features. By then, it had 120 employees who were a good start. Additionally, they entered into a significant partnership with the Spot option. In 2015 the company had become respected and legitimate. Read on this review and learn more.

Minimum Initial Deposit

Zulu trade offers you one of the lowest deposits. The minimum amount you can deposit is $1.It is convenient if you are a newbie, right? Furthermore, you can sign up for free and acquaint yourself with their Demo simulation account. Gradually, you can make higher deposits once you are confident enough to use the platform.

Spreads And Commission

When you trade using the platform, you will realize a normal spread that you will be charged though it can also be low when using Zulu trade brokers. However, some other brokers might charge you a commission for every trade you make using the platform.

Buying and selling price differences between the traders, especially during the period when there is high volatility. Time and the pair of currency can also influence this difference.


Leverage can increase your earnings, but you need to be careful if you haven’t mastered it well. This is because you might incur greater losses. Don’t be too hasty to use higher leverages because you are exposing yourself to greater risk. I would recommend that you use a leverage of 1:100 to be on the safe side.

Other Trading Fees

You might be asking yourself if you might incur additional fees when using Zulu Trade? Well, intraday traders are not charged, but you can be charged for a swap fee or overnight rollover.

Trading Platform

How It Works

Zulutrade allows you to copy the strategies of top-rated traders to your advantage. Besides the currently trade in Binary options, Forex, stocks, and other commodities like oil.

Well, normally the user interface is divided into two; signal providers and followers. The followers can copy the strategies of signal providers, of which their compensation is determined by how successful is their trading strategies.


-lock trade-Once you receive a signal, this feature allows you to verify your trading.

-calendar-It allows you to be updated with all key events in the financial market worldwide.

-Zuluguard-It is a protective feature that shields copy traders from risks that can result from malicious trades from those traders whom they are following.

-Automator-It gives you notifications through your email based on your customized rules.

-Social network features-this is a section where you can give your reviews or view feedback from other users.

-Margin call-o-meter-This gives an estimation of the chances of your account running out of money.

-Cryptocurrency-It allows traders to make predictions on the cryptos

-Zuluscripts- It is an automation feature that allows you to create scripts that will enable you to execute more than one trade.

If you require a signal provider, you can use Zulu rank calculation based on the age of the signal provider, sharp ratio, trade activity, and frequency of trader logs.

Zulu Trade Vs. Competitors

Zulu trade has a lot more to offer than other systems. It allows you to receive margin calls notification for simulated trades. Besides, you have access to many traders worldwide, which gives you a variety of options to copy from. It also allows you to assign a certain amount of money to signal trader that you want to follow up has been made easier since you can check your account performance any other time.

Mobile Apps

Zulutrade accommodated Android,iPhone, and Windows apps. You can download from any version of the operating system, and you are good to check for your account performance, look out for traders to copy or even close your trades.

Methods Of Payment

Methods of payment usually vary depending on your broker. Some of these methods include Zulu trade MasterCard, PayPal, and Bankwire transfer.

ZuluTrade Accounts

When you are fully set to open an account, you will be presented with two options to choose from:

-Classic- If you are a pro, this is for you. You will get access to voluminous commissions and customized trading.

-Profit sharing-This is suitable for newbies who are still learning by copying others to make their Trading.

Demo Account

When you visit the Zulutrade page, you can access the demo account. All you need to do is enter the required details, and you are set to start learning from the advanced traders. When you have grasped adequate trading skills, you can choose to open a live account.

How To Become A Signal Provider

Everyone yearns to become a signal provider because if you have many followers, you will earn significant commissions. Therefore you can become one by using the following tips:-

1. Set up a good portfolio and explain your strategy


2. Trade with a live account

3. Be quick when responding to feedback about your strategy

4. Meet any necessary criteria

Additional Features

You can enjoy additional features on Zulutrade. This includes a profit calculator, margin calculator, economic calculator, and you have access to news.

Safety and Security

Zuluguard is the ultimate protection feature that will protect you from erratic traders. It monitors trading behavior, and if possible, it removes any misbehaving trader to secure your income.

Regulation And Licence

Zulu trade is fully licensed, and it complies with the EU. You can enjoy auto trading with minimal risks.


The following are its benefits

1. It’s free

2. Variety of brokers to choose from

3. Many traders to copy and follow

4. Lower fees

5. Positive reviews from Forex

6. Ability to comment on signal provider page directly


The following are the drawbacks

1. Signal providers may not be using live account; hence you are at risk to lose your money

2. Signal providers are not vetted

3. Beginners have a Challenger in money management

Trading Hours

Trading is only limited to ZuluTrade trading hours. This runs from Sunday 22:00 UTC-Friday 22:00 UTC.

Contact And Customer Support

They have reliable customer support that is willing to attend to your issues at any time of the day. Their phone number can support up to 10 countries, but you can still visit their website and file your claim.

Zulu Trade Verdict

This is a reliable company that is receiving massive traders worldwide. You don’t need external brokers to use the system because they offer brokerage services. It is user-friendly, and you can take your time from coping with others until you are fully set to begin trading.

The final verdict:

The main mission for Collective2 and Zulutrade is creating an automated trading platform for the users. In this comparison, Collective2 vs. Zulutrade, we saw good and bad things. My personal opinion that if you are a forex trader and you need a signal, you can find a few interesting on Zulutrade for free. IF you are a stock or futures trader – try Collective2. My recommendation is always to see the average monthly return and what is maxed drawdown and then figure out if some system is suitable or not for you.

Visit Zulutrade and start to copy trades for free!



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