Avapartner Review

Avapartner Affiliate program or Avatrade affiliate program is a promotion revenue share program where promoters can earn money as passive income based on the client’s trading volume. (Check everything about this broker in the avatrade review article.).

This opportunity is perfect for affiliates, as every new user might generate meaningful revenues for the trading site. This becomes even better for Forex affiliates, more than other web commerce programs might offer. AvaForex or Avatrade is a broker that has a license regulated by the Dublin Exchange facility. AvaFx is one of the oldest Forex brokers, and AvaFx has managed the Avapartner Forex affiliate program. They claim to have the highest client value in the industry, as their average client is worth 6000 USD. That truly makes AvaFx one of the most profitable brokers online. The way to reach customers of this volume is to make possibilities to earn money in every case.

To avoid being suspicious about not showing the conversion rate, the AvaPartner affiliate program is completely transparent regarding that. They are proud to show what they have, instead of just claiming to have a high conversion rate.

AvaPartner Affiliate Program
APAP is reachable to customers worldwide regardless of their English knowledge, as they offer their program in many languages. Affiliates at Avapartner can register their account in their own language, and they also can have other marketing materials in their languages. The support team can provide you trading support even if you are an amateur or professional trader.
APAP uses a custom-built in-house developed program, which is easily comprehendible. To register, one won’t find any difficulties, and the approval for affiliates will appear to be done very soon. After that, promoting AvaFx starts. Different tools for Forex affiliates for promoting AvaFx are offered. Among those, you will see pre-made HTML mailers, javascript widgets, or banners. Highly customized landing pages are offered for affiliates to use. When the affiliates want to select tracking links, they can use those landing pages.

AvaPartner Affiliate Commissions
APAC can choose among CPA, Revenue share, or a hybrid commission model with fixed or flexible CPA rates that will enable you to cash in any newly brought customer immediately. Revenues shared will get you the maximum payment from your customer’s lifetime value with an average value of 6000 USD. Should you choose or feel the need to cover the marketing costs, you can use a hybrid deal to get you the best. Avapartner affiliate program offers a second-tier commission model, which refers to affiliate 10% bonus commissions generated from Avapartner referred affiliates.
AvaTrade affiliate commission is up to $7 per lot.

AvaPartner Affiliate Payments
Methods that are offered at APAP are numerous. Payments are conducted once per month, and it has to be done by the middle of each month. You can choose between PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Direct Payment to your trading platform. Affiliates are offered the option to change their methods of payment at any point.

As Avapartner is one of the oldest Forex affiliate programs, it has an excellent reputation, and it is really reliable. Promoting their AvaForex broker, their affiliates can get different marketing materials; such is live widgets. Payments are prompt, and affiliate support is excellent, making the Avapartner affiliate Program a serious and reliable affiliate program in the last decade.



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