Avafx or Etoro – which is the best foreign exchange trading platform and forex broker

Avatrade versus Etoro – which is the best forex dealing system?

Those people that have been dealing for quite a while now realize how important it is to have a brokerage. Unfortunately not everyone know how to tell the difference between competitive brokers and frauds, the only source of information about brokerages that dealers can depend on is the feedback they got from their past and current customers.

At the moment there are only two companies that stand out, Avatrade (former Avafx ) and Etoro. Both of said companies have excellent reputations as they have an outstanding record of satisfied customers, the amount of positive comments they’ve got so far goes to proof that they provide a high quality service and customer service.
But these two companies in the past have been in different areas of expertise and target groups. Despite this, because of the dealing industry demands they’ve began to broaden their horizon and therefore the battle starts between these two companies.
Avafx are known in the market for their advanced and custom characteristics like the Ava Trader or Ava java (yeah, I know), a native and online based dealing system which suits dealers with a lot more experience in the industry a lot more than beginners.
We can say that the Avafx’s target group are dealing veterans, but since the dealing business has attracted a lot of people which are new to forex they began to make programs to meet their requirements.

Avafx additionally provides customer service with highly qualified and experienced representatives, which are available 24 hours a day all week to help you with any doubts or questions. Avafx are part of the European Union and are waiting for NFA regulation.

Etoro, another top brokerage, targets beginner dealers. This company has become popular because of its fun approach in dealing with their game like dealing program which made dealing possible for pretty much anybody. But like Avafx, Etoro started to expand their market and now also fits expert traders’ needs with their professional program mode.

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Also like Avafx, Etoro provide a high amount of help via their customer service and provides both a native and online dealing environment. These two brokers may share a lot in common regarding top notch customer service, low spreads, high leverage choices and leading systems in the market. But Avafx and Etoro each have different areas of expertise in their target group. If you possess enough qualifications that you can call yourself a professional in the forex world, then Avafx is the best one for you. As they’ve focused their service to answer to your demands. If you’re a new trader, with no or very little experience in foreign exchange, then Etoro is the one for you. They help you learn everything you need to know about the industry and are focused on providing you with whatever you require.

If you want to know more about Avafx you may find a link here to Avafx’s review and their bonus for new accounts.
We are certain that Avafx brokerage reviews will help you realize the how important it is for this company to provide you with a professional and reliable service. And hopefully they will help you decide as to what to pick, Avafx or Etoro.

See full comparation:
Avatrade vs. etoro comparation table
Avatrade vs. etoro comparation table
Avatrade vs. etoro comparation table 3

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