AnyOption partners present new offline – tracking codes – binary options affiliate program

AnyOption partners obviously seem to lead the track when things come to binary option affiliate programs. In news which has been recently announced anyOption team has now started the use of code system in their affiliate systems.

Simply, this code can be well used to get across both offline and online activities and campaigns. In fact the binary option affiliates don’t need a website for their promotion. If you have one also, you can take benefits of this successful method of marketing. So doesn’t delay just recommend it to your IB’s and offline marketing people?
The code system of offline tracking is useful when you need your marketing campaigns to be tracked in cases such as placing an advert in any magazines, or when you need to use adwords etc. if you need to develop any tracking code then you have to contact with the affiliate manager or just mail to .the code you choose can be alphanumerical. Also if you aren’t using any codes then try to send the manager three variations at least, to get the best outcome.
By using this code, anyOption affiliates have to just refer the traders to; this page will then enable a pop up window which will prompt the users to enter the code.

The tracking code is set automatically to the affiliate account of yours and you could check about the statistics by login to the any Option partner’s website. anyOption partners will then present a reporting tool known by the name as marketing source stats, by default itself. This tool gives the details of the source home page for the traffic which is sent to anyOption. If you have to track the performance of your websites then add as many websites as you need for reference.
New landing pages

The anyOption partners have updated their inventory of media with several new landing pages. If you have to choose the landing page of your interest, then
• Get to the ‘Media Gallery’
• Search ‘Type’ for the ‘Text Links’
• Choose you’re the language
• Click get Code’
• Copy and paste the code into your website
Landing pages is a very effective tool and definitely plays a critical role in changing your website traffic to the depositing traders. Just get through our tips for using landing pages for forex affiliates so as to have an idea of how the landing pages can aid to convert the traffic.

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